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Key Points for Sue Pieters-Hawke

  • She is the National Ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia and co-chairs the Federal Ministerial Dementia Forum
  • Sue studied law, history, complementary health and healing, yoga, qigong and Tibetan Buddhism
  • She has run Hazel Hawke's office since 1995
  • Author of the bestselling book Hazel's Journey

Topics for Sue Pieters-Hawke

  • Living well - drowning, surviving or thriving?
    • Insights into western medicine and health systems and her experiences with cancer and as a carer, as well as her long-standing interest in eastern philosophies and traditional practices such as yoga, meditation and quigong.
  • Positive ageing
    • Exploring the personal choices that can positively shape our own ageing and the social implications of these issues.
  • The caring challenge
    • Sue speak about being a carer from many perspectives.
    • Her talk is inspiring, informative and relevant for anyone involved in caring for others – whether elderly parents, sick children or patients – as well as for policy makers and service providers.
  • Reframing dementia - restoring humanity
    • Sue dissects much of the baggage surrounding dementia, updates audiences on best-practice understanding of dementia and approaches to care and relationships with people with dementia .
    • Audiences leave with an experiential understanding of the fact that people with dementia still fully experience their own lives, and of ways we can support them in a manner based on respect and appreciation.
  • The dementia journey
    • Sue speaks about the highs and lows of adjusting to the new reality that comes with an Alzheimer's or dementia diagnosis.

Testimonials for Sue Pieters-Hawke

As Publicity Director for Pan Macmillan Australia I travelled with Sue for six weeks promoting her book Hazel’s Journeythroughout Australia. I promote many authors, and I can honestly say Sue is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of managing. Sue has a unique ability to get the audience’s attention, and what’s more, to keep it. She somehow manages to keep an audience completely with her. You could not hear a pin drop. She seems to know instinctively how far to go, when to pull back, when to be serious and when and how to lighten things up. Her audiences were 100% engaged. That her book has sold over 50,000 copies is a testament not only to the public interest in Hazel and Alzheimer’s but also to the word of mouth interest that Sue generates in all her speaking engagements and media interviews.
Jeannine Fowler, Pan Macmillan

Sue was a dream - very articulate and just terrific talent, as we say in the business - we had a great deal of feedback from listeners from her interview.
Sally Loane, ABC Radio

Sue Pieters-Hawke is a captivating speaker who inspires and motivates her audience to positively tackle issues that arise in their personal and professional lives. She entertains and empowers with her sharp mind, quick wit and understanding of a broad range of topics. Her personal stories spark the imagination and make you feel anything is possible.
Jackie Crossman, Crossman Communications.