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Key Points for The Essentialists

  • Shannah Kennedy has over 20 years' experience in Australia and abroad as an executive and life coach to corporate sector, Olympians and entrepreneurs
  • Is the author of several best-selling books, Simplify Structure Succeed and The Life Plan
  • Lyndall Mitchell is an expert in the areas of retreat therapies, stress management, executive wellbeing
  • Is an accredited wellness coach
  • She is the founder of Aurora Spa Retreat and the creator of beauty brand Aurora Spa Rituals
  • Their collaboration is dynamic, informative, interactive and their debut book Chaos to Calm, Take Control with Confidence was released in February 2017

Topics for The Essentialists

  • Essential Living
    Fundamental skills and new infrastructure for the foundation of work/life integration
    This 45 or 60 minute keynote is suitable for small and large groups at all professional levels
    So many feel they are living on the treadmill of life, on autopilot and disconnected with their better self. This wellness-based keynote is an interactive session that looks at The Essentialists’ essentials of stress management – sleep, nourishment, exercise, mindfulness, neuroplasticity, goal setting and positive mindsets for taking responsibility and control in life both personally and professionally.
  • Essential Performance
    A session for leaders on mastering skills for sustained high performance
    This 45 or 60 minute keynote is tailored for boards, senior leadership teams and business owners.
    For those well established in their corporate career and personal life, Essential Performance is a hands-on keynote designed to allow participants to come back to core life and wellness skills; reflect and re-examine career and life plans, challenge time management beliefs, understand the science of habits and create new pathways for career longevity and clarity at home and work.
  • The Wellness Program
    Educating and sharing practical and specialised knowledge - understanding the importance of self-care for optimal performance 
    The Masterclass of Wellness is a dynamic, interactive presentation addressing life and wellbeing topics as skill sets to learn and master. It covers all the necessary skills to be the best version of yourself both personally and professionally.  Who are you, your values, your thought patterns and understanding stress and building your coping toolkit.  It also covers Vision creation strategies, breathing, mindfulness and meditation as a form of mind training.  Life skills such as responsibility vs blame, commitment vs trying, goal setting and time management finish the presentation.  These skill sets, when learnt and applied practically allow people to grow, evolve and flourish in life. Masterclass of Wellness can be run as 1, 2, or 3 hours.

Testimonials for The Essentialists

Content and delivery were in line with our expectations for this calibre of presenter.

They knew their target audience well. An engrossing and exceptional presentation to end what was a huge conference. A great way to end. Thanks so much.

We recently bought our entire sales group together to focus on the teams mindfulness, wellness and mental health. Shannah and Lyndall ran a perfect session using a very thoughtful combination of storytelling, life experience, humour and practical examples to demonstrate how our people can achieve more balance in their working and professional lives. This session is a must-do for any business wanting the absolute best for their teams.
Director of Sales and Service

 I had the pleasure of meeting Shannah and Lyndall when they presented at our National Advice Development workshops across the country for NAB financial planning. I found Shannah and Lyndall to be engaging and motivating with a genuine interest to ensure their program met the needs of our business & our employees. The messages were extremely relevant for our audience, with practical hints, tips & ideas to start our employees on their wellness journey.
NAB Senior Executive