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Key Points for Trevor Young

  • Trevor was named one of the ‘heroes of Australian content marketing’ by the Sydney Morning Herald 
  • Brand Quarterly included him on its 2016 global ’50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50′ list.
  • In 2016 he was one of three professional contributors to the world’s first accredited Diploma of Social Media Marketing course, published by Social Media College.
  • He is a ‘guest expert’ for Squared Online’s digital marketing leadership course, developed with Google.

Topics for Trevor Young

  • Becoming a Connect Brand
    How to cut through and stay relevant in a noisy, always-on digital world
    New and challenging times require companies and organisations to think differently about the way they communicate with the ‘outside world’.
    In this popular signature presentation, Trevor joins the dots of what forward-thinking savvy brands are doing today to communicate and market more effectively with their audience, and provide up-to-the-minute examples of companies and organisations that are purposefully using social technologies and online publishing platforms to increase the level of connection they have with the marketplace and community in which they operate.
    This presentation is as much around adopting a new marketing and communications mindset as it is about the tools and the technologies being used.
  • Practical Content Marketing for Business
    Tell your story, grow your audience, build your brand and your business
    Brands today are in an ideal position to take control of their content versus relying on external third parties (i.e. traditional media) to tell their story; the potential impact of this opportunity is massive for businesses of all sizes and should not be understated!
    In this presentation, Trevor introduces the concept of content marketing and why it’s taking the business world by storm. He also includes case studies and examples of businesses of all types and sizes that are publishing their own content, and in effect becoming their own media companies! Suitable for businesses of all sizes, including micro enterprises run by solo professionals.
  • Beyond the Social Media Hype
    A no-nonsense guide for making social media work for your business
    Let’s face it, there is still much confusion around how to use social media effectively for business.
    In this presentation, Trevor strips away the hype and focuses on what brands from around the world are doing right when it comes to using social media to market their business. Includes inspiring examples of brands and individuals who are ‘nailing’ social media and content marketing in their industry and profession.
    This presentation is aimed at solopreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit organisations.
  • Personal Branding for Business Professionals
    Building visibility, influence and trust in a social age
    Being perceived as a thought leader in your industry or profession can deliver huge benefits for business as well as personally. The good news is the opportunity for savvy business professionals, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to differentiate their personal brand using social media and online publishing platforms has never been greater, or more affordable.
    In this information-packed presentation, Trevor shows how business professionals (and the companies they work for) can strategically differentiate themselves and their ideas in the marketplace by effectively leveraging social technologies to build influence and authority in their brand.

Testimonials for Trevor Young

I’ve always admired the content Trevor Young produces and the strategy behind his content and social media marketing. He is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge and I definitely consider him a mentor. For the past 3 years, Trevor has been guest blogging for Firebrand Talent’s blog on the topics of content marketing and strategy, PR and personal brand. During this time, his regular guest posts have ranked amongst the highest read and shared. On top of this, Trevor has run workshops on content strategy for our clients in Sydney and Melbourne which were very well received. Most recently, Trevor was a keynote presenter on the topic of ‘how to build reputation and trust through content marketing” at our Sydney #digitalks event, attended by 195 of our clients. It was a resounding success and the feedback was fantastic.
Australian Digital Marketing Director for Firebrand Talent

It’s one thing to really know your message, but another to be able to speak to diverse audiences in a way that they truly understand and act on it. Trevor has an incredible ability to speak to people about online communications and personal branding, in a way that makes them sit up and pay attention. Backed by years of experience in the world of PR and branding, he makes you want to act on his advice.  I’ve had the privilege of working alongside him on various projects and have listened to him speak and I would advise anyone wanting clarity on personal branding, content marketing and thought leadership to get in touch with Trevor.
Communications and Marketing Specialist The Little PR Company

We are looking forward to having Trevor speak to our School of Business, Innovations students next week. We book him a year in advance – there is no-one who can do what he does for our students. Our students are all aspiring middle and senior managers, who go and change how their companies see their world – the very next day. Tweets appear within hours of their experience with Trevor – we couldn’t ask for more. When Trevor brings his experience to the forum, none leave unchanged for the experience. Looking forward to it immensely!
Former Head of School of Business, Chisholm Institute

Trevor is the guy you rely on to bring a deep and far-reaching understanding of marketing, PR and new media to the table. I had the pleasure of working closely with Trevor over many months, and was always impressed at the way he channelled his creativity into pragmatic recommendations. As an added bonus, he’s a pleasure to work with too!
Chikara Capital

Trevor is one of the rare breed who can see through all the clutter and concern to the heart of the problem. That’s rare. It also saves a lot of time!
Edelman Australia

I brought Trevor on board as a guest speaker for Zurich’s risk roadshow in early 2012. He accompanied us around Australia, speaking to groups ranging in size from 50 to 200. He spoke on social media and the ‘new marketing’ and he was a client’s dream – works to a brief, acknowledges the client in his material without being over the top, does his research and works well with feedback. Can I recommend Trevor? Unquestionably!
Zurich Financial Services Australia

Trevor is one of the best facilitators out there at the moment. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, from start to finish. His ability to turn creative ideas into practical solutions is second to none. I’m yet to hear one negative from any of the workshops he has facilitated for PRIA. Attendees particularly like his style of presentation coupled with his expertise and enthusiasm for the industry.
Public Relations Institute of Australia

Trevor Young aka the PR Warrior nails every presentation he delivers. There is no one better on social media or PR in Australia. His multi-award winning blog sets the standard for business blogging and is a great follow up resource for those fortunate enough to see/hear him speak
Chisholm Institute School of Business

Trevor delivers great content that the audience loves. Trevor’s talk generated a lot of conversation on Twitter, so much that our #UMAA event hashtag was trending in Melbourne during his talk! When I spoke with audience members afterwards, they all gave very positive feedback and said that they found the content refreshing and useful. If you’re looking for an expert on personal branding, content marketing and social media, look no further. I highly recommend that you get in touch with Trevor Young today.
University of Melbourne Alumni Association (UMAA)