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Key Points for Alex Sion

  • President of Moven
  • Digital strategy advisor to global financial leaders
  • Leading voices in the financial services industry

Topics for Alex Sion

  • Something you can Bank On: 5 Predictions for the Next Five Years in Retail Banking
    • Predictions for the next five years in retail banking
    • Recommendations for what financial institutions must do in order to stay ahead of the curve

  • How to Gather $100B in assets over Twitter - Reaching the Next Gen Affluent
    • Do mobile and social matter? How & Why?
    • What does "financial planning" look like in a mobile and social world
    • What is the future role of the financial advisor?
    • How to make money and win with the mass affluent customer?

  • Innovation: No Country for Old Men?
    • Alex Sion, President of Movenbank, will share his experiences in launching one of the most innovative and disruptive firms in the U.S. start-up community
    • Learn about and be inspired by the story of Alex Sion's journey

  • Why you can’t innovate your way out of a paper bag
    • Process of disruption and innovation within the context of the Movenbank journey
    • How did the idea of Movenbank "happen"? How did an idea become a concept? How did a concept organize into a team that embarked on a mission to re-invent perhaps the biggest industry of all? And how did that idea get "sold"? - to the market, to investors, to customers, and to the team itself?

Testimonials for Alex Sion

"Alex is a recognized speaker and panelist in the financial services space he will continue this thought leadership role with the full support of the Movenbank family"
Brett King
"Alex's wealth of financial services experience, his deep digital industry knowledge and proven success in creating and leading technology teams to world-class implementation is second-to-none"
CEO Movenbank