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Key Points for Amanda Johnstone

  • Amanda Johnstone is the CEO and co-founder of Transhuman.
  • She is a technologist, an emerging technologies inventor and investor and technology advisor.
  • Co-patent holder of Methods for tracking and responding to mental health statuses and the Method for deriving and storing emotional conditions of humans.
  • Awarded The CEO Magazine 2020 Startup Executive of the Year.
  • Part of the 2019 Makers and Mavericks List.
  • Awarded Time Magazine x Rolex Next Generation Leader, 2019.
  • Her interests include suicide intervention and prevention, leadership, public health, corporate social responsibility, social impact and artificial intelligence.

Topics for Amanda Johnstone

  • The Founder’s journey – Preventing suicide one swipe at a time 
    In 2015,  Amanda lived in Vaucluse, Australia – alongside a notorious suicide hotspot, “The Gap” – where she would hear the police rescue and helicopters multiple times each week rescuing those who had given up hope, Amanda took action to help. She decided to turn an SMS check-in method she used to care for friends who were battling depression into an app, recruiting some of the leading public health services and professionals in the world.

    The result: a world first, award-winning daily check-in and peer support app which now prevents suicides in 87 countries which has been recognised by TIME, Forbes, Yahoo!, MSN and The CEO Magazine. Her seemingly effortless road to success has been plagued with silent obstacles, including initial scepticism by others of an unknown market, the loss of loved ones, heartbreak, financial setbacks and disputes. In this keynote, Amanda shares her inspiring journey of grit and determination, alongside the milestone moments that taught her how to overcome adversity, create resilience, inspire others to join the journey at the beginning, on a minimal budget.

  • Modern leadership
    As the first and only Australian to be recognised and awarded the title of TIME Magazine Next Generation Leader, Amanda shares with your organisation the foundations of modern leadership. In this keynote, Amanda takes your organisation on a journey of defining a purpose-led vision, the importance of self-awareness and how vulnerability can create and retain the ability to influence.

  • Leadership styles at all levels 
    Leading with Empathy and Authenticity - The next generation of leadership is shaped by empathy, diversity and inclusion. Amanda addresses intersectionality and role-models the responsibility leaders must take now to ensure all team members feel valued and have a sense of social economy within the workplace. Drawing on her own rise from a small-town retail entrepreneur (selling her CD collection to Cash Converters to finance her clothing store Sebachi at 17 years of age), to global privilege as an award-winning social impact technology entrepreneur, Amanda outlines key responsibilities in a moving way. Modelling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), she will ensure your organisation can continue to grow and reframe its social responsibility from boardroom through to the basement.

  • ESG and impact 
    Environmental, Social, and Governance are non-financial factors increasingly being used to measure performance, growth and risk. As the Founding CEO of a global award-winning Social Enterprise and Advisor to ESG Tech (Singapore), Amanda reflects on what the future of organisational impact looks like and how your organisation can continue to be best in class in its ESG ratings. Amanda discusses the importance of a company's supply chain, labor practices, talent management, product safety and data security.

  • Mentally healthy organisations 
    Empowering your organisation during COVID19. A perspective from a Millennial. Is your company mentally healthy? Amanda discusses elite human behaviour, addressing and solving concerns including mental ill health, wellbeing, sleep, performance mindset and nutrition. She provides custom end-to-end strategies for peak performance, combatting executive burnout and navigating connectedness in the remote workplace.

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