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Key Points for Aurelie Salvaire

  • Past curator of TEDxBarcelonaWomen, TEDxBarcelonaEducation & TEDxBarcelonaChange.
  • Coaching of international TEDx speakers in French, English and Spanish since 2012.
  • Former Member of +SocialGood, Global Connectors.
  • Past collaborations with Oxfam Spain, Ashoka France, Unreasonable institute.

Topics for Aurelie Salvaire

  • How to leverage storytelling for social impact
  • Introduction to social business
  • From fear to love. What can we learn from positive psychology? 
  • The world needs a new type of leader
  • The business case for gender equity
  • How to bridge the confidence and ambition gap
  • Masculinities in XXIst century. Redefining manhood
  • Why we need more female storytellers
  • How do we socialize our kids
  • Leverage sports as an empowerment tool
  • We live in a Mad men world
  • Lets talk about sex
  • Why we need more women in tech
  • Words matter: Talking about language and public speaking
  • Gender and urbanism: how to build women-friendly cities?
  • Why we need more women to run for office
  • Women and money: a love and hate relationship
  • Are you subconsciously biased?
  • Why diversity is the new darwinism
  • Is our world a dangerous place for women? Why?
  • How is media reinforcing gender stereotypes?
  • What is cool feminism?
  • Which strategies do new generation social activists leverage to make impact?
  • The role of myths and stories in the creation of a domination system?
  • Which are the original solutions shifting the balance around the world in the Middle East?

Workshops topics (from 2 hours to full day)

  • Storytelling workshop (10-15 participants)
    Learn how to find your WHY and expose it in a TEDx format. Learn how to improve interpersonal communication.
  • Diversity and inclusion workshop
    Uncovering your privilege and subconscious biases
  • Busting bias workshop
    A very interactive workshop assessing where stereotypes affect you in a very concrete way in your daily life
  • Gender neutral parenting
    How to raise confident daughters and emotionally intelligent sons?
  • Youth empowerment
    Deconstructing narratives, teaching soft skills as confidence building and emotional literacy.
  • Awareness for media or advertisement professionals on gender stereotypes
  • Masculinity 2.0
    What does it mean to be a man in 2018?

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