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Key Points for Catherine Molloy

  • Catherine Molloy is a communication expert, specialising in the areas of leadership, sales, and service.
  • She is an award winning international certified speaking professional Body language expert and creator of the million-dollar handshake and conscious connection framework.
  • Author of “The Conscious Leader: leading a life worth living through crises and beyond” and “The Million Dollar Handshake”, published in 2018.
  • She reveals the hidden psychology behind connection and influence and provides audiences with the keys to revolutionise their communication effectiveness.
  • With 25 years’ experience in business, education, speaking and transforming lives, Catherine believes that business success rests on the ability to build lasting connections, fast.
  • Catherine shares her secrets of how to engage, connect and be more conscious of communication through hacking the psychology of communication.
  • As Managing Director of Auspac Business Advantage, Catherine was recently awarded an International ‘Stevie Award’ in America for Sales Training/Education Leader of the Year.

Topics for Catherine Molloy

  • The Million Dollar Handshake – How to connect and communicate in a world without handshakes and make a great first impression
    This interactive keynote will focus on building engagement, connection (what do your first 7 seconds say?) and influence - face -to -face as well as virtually. Open your conference with this fast, fun and forward thinking talk. The future of work is constantly changing and your communication style and skills will need to change with it. Catherine’s award winning first book became an international best seller The Million Dollar Handshake and the on line version is gifted to you post conference.
  • The Conscious Leader – The ultimate talk to lead through crises and beyond
    Creating new CEILs in business – conscious of self, others and context. This talk takes leadership to the next level and helps push through the glass ceiling. It will show everyone how to be the leaders we need in our lives, our businesses and for our teams. Watch out for some insightful and hilarious reasons why we need to lead from the front and not follow from behind.
  • The Success Formula - Body language and service that sells
    Isn’t it time to master communication, influence and grow your business? Imagine a team that understands the nuances of nonverbal language and can apply this to leading well, serving others, whilst creating positive mental wealth, good team culture and increase sales. This highly engaging, energetic, laugh out loud key note allows us to look at our selves whilst putting into practice some tiny tweaks to make big differences and create win wins in business and life.
  • Top 3 Workshops live online or face to face
    2hr, 4hr or 6hr deliveries - included free post online workshops for 12months and contextualised workbooks.
    • Mastering communication and difficult conversations
    • First impressions lasting results
    • Emotional intelligence and language for leaders

Testimonials for Catherine Molloy

Our Business Manager here at Living Faith raved about the session you led with LEQ Business Managers last year. (And, given he does not normally show a lot of emotion, so that's high praise for you!). I am writing to see if you would be interested and available to lead  sessions with our staff.
Living Faith Lutheran 

Catherine was an excellent choice for one of the opening sessions of the conference. She had delegates out of their seats participating, and engaged regardless of their nationality. She also provided a great talking point for delegates over the conference.
Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

I have known Catherine Molloy for three years when I attended her presentation "Enhance your Cultural Awareness in International Communication" hosted by Xiamen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. Impressed with her wonderful presentation and her deep understanding of importance of cross cultural communications, I invited her last year to deliver a training session for account managers at our Xiamen headquarter office. I invited her again last July to deliver a workshop "Service that sells" and a keynote "Selling Smarter in an International Market" to over 250 attendees at the 1st China Language Service Industry Collaborative Innovation Forum. Both the workshop and keynote were very well received by the audience. I am very impressed with Catherine's excellent communication and interpersonal skills, her deep understanding of building fruitful relationship, her lovely interaction with the audience, beautifully prepared presentation slides and handouts. She is willing to dig into different business areas and has a genuine desire to help others through training and communication. Catherine practices what she teaches. She demonstrates her excellent communication and interpersonal skills and get to know her audience quickly and effectively. Her constant follow up and the result is terrific, a perfect example of how to build successful business relationship, even in a culture so different from her own. I am very pleased to be contacted to discuss my very positive interactions and experiences with Catherine Molloy should you require any further information.
Master Translation Services

Cath Molloy presented a workshop for the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs in February 2017. It was the first meeting for the year and what a great start to 2017 it was. Cath was lots of fun and full of energy but more importantly she really knew her stuff. To take the material she uses to train companies all over the world and translate it to suit women who run mostly micro businesses, shows a stellar level of understanding of the way people learn. Cath was incredibly generous with information on the day as well as following up with extra resources, and the feedback from members was excellent.
SCW Entrepreneurs

We have engaged our staff in sales training in April this year and I must say I did not know what to expect or understand how this could make a difference to our business. The results have been sensational. After the first two months sales for our Tradesure branch have increased over 20% from what we previously considered a very satisfactory strike rate. Not only did Catherine introduce more efficient and results focused systems, she actually was able to drill down with individual staff members and have them deal with areas they felt uncomfortable with when dealing with customers which made our staff client related and more open to this training. To this end we have arranged on-going training with Catherine for our Tradesure staff and have extended our contract to train our additional staff through our Forbes Chatham Insurance division as we understand how beneficial this training has been.
Forbes Chatham Insurance

It was an amazing experience working with you and attending your talk in India. It was really a big value to all the attendees and myself. I'm sure that you will touch millions of hearts as they master communication.
Suskan Consultants Pnt Ltd

Catherine is a great speaker who managed to keep high energy across the audience the whole morning. The handshake techniques and some little habits to watch out during communications are extremely useful in our day-to-day work and life. Thank you Cath!
BT Dare Group
BT Financial
From the Million Dollar Handshake to an in depth understanding of different persona types, Catherine Molloy really teaches all you need to know on how to effectively influence and persuade others.
Software Engineer
Ultra Electronics

Your skills, knowledge and experience is so needed in our projects. You have made such an impact in so short a time. We want all our teams to go through Customer Service training with you.
The Oxford Partnership UK and The Middle East

Catherine Molloy is one of the most positive speakers I have met . I have had the opportunity to call her My Speaker in India . For Cath it's about finding a solution to any problem and contributing to others life's in a positive way . Her understanding of human behaviour is on a deeper level. She comes with a vast experience of 25 years of deep study / research & result oriented practice . Cath touches the soul of every human being she meets. As a Speaker / Trainer .. She has developed vast & in depth content to help change lives all around the Globe for a better tomorrow .. Cath for me is a 100% Value add & I highly recommend her for any organisation in any part of the world.
Founder & Director
Book Keynote Speakers

Catherine is an exceptional speaker trainer coach and a very successful entrepreneur as well. Since the first time I met her in 2016 in the Speakers Institute Bootcamp on 'Mastering Communication for Influence,' my respect and admiration for her capacity to bring in positive behavioural changes in others are only growing stronger. 'Million Dollar Handshake' was a great learning for me, as was Catherine's hands-on guide on using non-verbal intelligence for positive influence in any communication. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious...enough to electrify and super charge-up any audience.
Independent Financial Advisor, Graphologist, Behavioural Change Facilitator
Positive Vibes Consulting and Advisory

I attended the "Million Dollar Handshake" session conducted by Catherine in Mumbai this year. I thought I am already good at it but after the session, I got the real picture on how I can make my posture, handshake and personality way better than I have today. Learnt about the mistakes which are tiny, but make a large impact on making a strong first impression. I also spent a lot of time with Catherine post the session learning about various storytelling/ conversation techniques and I have seen a lot of progress in my work because of these techniques. I recommend Catherine to everyone who is looking to make a great First Impression.
Managing Partner

The Million Dollar Handshake keynote by Cath Molloy was very well received by our audience. Her deep knowledge about non-verbal communication combined with the experiential learning method resulted in takeaways that one can implement right away and benefit from.
CEO & Founder
Angler Technologies & Trinetra Wireless Learning Chair & President Elect

I am happy to inform you that, upon my invitation, Ms Catherine Molloy visited Xiamen for a cultural education program. As a keynote speaker, Ms Molloy delivered a well-received workshop themed "Enhance your Cultural Awareness in International Communication" on November 29th, which has attracted up to 200+ front-line translators and foreign affairs officers to our city. The workshop has taken the audience on an engaging cross cultural journey. I would therefore take this opportunity, on behalf of Xiamen Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Xiamen Translators Association, to extend to you my hearty appreciation for enabling such an outstanding speaker and trainer as Catherine Molloy to deliver the keynote and workshop for us. We are privileged to have from your city an expert, who through her wonderful presentation, has helped advance our bilateral friendship, enhanced our understanding on the Australian culture and opened a brand new chapter on deepening the existing partnership between us through cultural and academic exchanges and cooperation by means of a translators association.
Office and President
Xiamen Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Xiamen Translators Assoc.

Cath is a highly respected professional in the training industry, who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve success in sales. Cath creates a productive dynamic which encourages people to think outside the box when it comes to sales success. Working with Cath was an absolute pleasure, her focus and drive was second to none. Just as importantly, Cath is a joy to be around, always radiating positive energy. Cath's smile is infectious and she is very well connected within the local, national and international business community.
Customer Relations Executive
NRS Media

We all LOVED our session the other day. We are still talking about our body language bootcamp and all the great info we got and how we have been able to use it already. All the information was so relevant to us both personally and with the work we do. You certainly presented it in a way that we all understood and enjoyed. Thanks again for the great experience
Visitor Information Centres Manager
Tourism Noosa

I have been working with Cath Molloy and team since 2012. Cath has been very supportive of my staff and my own time. She has gone beyond her normal role in helping my company and has presented at training days to help my other staff members. We have all benefited from Cath's insight and experience and have had a fun learning process. We have taken some of what she has provided to our team across the world. (Cath's training has now been implemented in US and AUS the Pooch Mobile teams).
Aussie Pooch Mobile

Catherine Molloy is a master trainer, outstanding keynote speaker, facilitator and coach. She has trained and spoken for us in three countries and three of our businesses. She draws from the many years of experience in high performance communication to give insights that are world class. Not only does Catherine have the depth of content and IP she is a person on integrity that thrives in challenging situations and performs every time. Catherine Molloy is a leader and the results we are hearing from our clients, staff and the wider community is just outstanding. She is making a difference. I would highly recommend Catherine Molloy and would be happy to be contacted to discuss our experiences should you require any further information.
Sam Cawthorn