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Key Points for Dom Price

  • Dom Price is the resident work futurist, affectionately known as the inhouse Team Doctor, for Atlassian.
  • He helps businesses and their customers navigate transformation, agility and the future of work.
  • Has previously been the GM Program Management for a global gaming company and a Director of Deloitte.

Topics for Dom Price

  • Transformation and agility at scale
    Nearly every company is going through some kind of transformation, or trying to achieve more agility. Dom has 8 years experience scaling operations at Atlassian, and spends over ⅓ of his time outside Atlassian helping their customers navigate the treacherous waters of constant change. This talk is informative, pragmatic, and will leave you ready to take action to build a better future.
  • Building highly effective teams
    78% of team mates don’t trust each other, and we know that diverse teams are more effective, but harder to manage. Find out from the guy who helped Atlassian scale team work from 600 people in 2013, to over 6,000 people globally in 2021. And still regarded globally as one of the best places to work. What is the secret sauce?
  • Living the future of work now; A story from enterprises all over the world
    Throw away your crystal ball because the future is already here. Yes, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain dominate the headlines. But the day-to-day manifestations of the future of work (i.e., the present) are more mundane – though no less daunting. We see it in the way businesses struggle to scale smart and stay one step ahead of disruption. Or how leaders try to manage a global, 24/7 workforce while tasked with meeting ever-increasing customer demands.
    The time to take action is now. In this session, Dom Price will break down the five obsolete ways most of us are working, and share new, essential approaches to growth and retooling. He'll also reveal some of the collaboration hacks he's seen from enterprises around the world. Don't be a bystander. Come learn how to create a future where you and your team don't just survive, but thrive.
  • Predictions for future of work and what to change now
    10 predictions for the future of work, and the steps we need to take now to unlearn the past and build a better future.
  • Unlearn to learn
    Agile Transformation. Digital Transformation. Cultural Transformation. These are all hot topics. But, what does it actually take to start a transformation?
    The answer: people, practices, and tools. Join Dominic Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian as he shares his experience in working with other top enterprise organizations. Learn about the trends affecting the future of teamwork, and proven practices that can power successful workplace transformation.

Testimonials for Dom Price

Dominic Price distils innumerable conversations and practical experiences, and combines them with keen observation and research to forecast his vision of our future working lives. He clearly illustrates what is not working now and describes in detail what will work going forward, sharing and supporting his persuasive ideas, strategies and tactical recommendations with an energy and presence that fills any room. Dom's all-embracing approach and authentic vulnerability brings us in closer to experience elements of what he sees ahead. His clarity and enthusiasm are contagious and shift audiences’ thinking, as they leave reflecting and ready to make change.

Every once in a while, certain individuals blast into the universe spreading a wake of insight, wisdom, inspiration, kindness, laughter and joy Dom Price is one such spark - sent to us from a far off land to challenge the way we think, improve the way we work, add value to our culture-building efforts, and encourage us always to be a better version of ourselves Over the last two decades I’ve worked alongside some of the leading thinkers in business, sport, government and education, and very few come close to the jovial character from Manchester who always leaves people talking, laughing & discussing how we can make the world of work a better place The great thing about Dom, is that whilst he’s already achieved so much, there is no doubt that the best is yet to come...