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Key Points for Dylan Alcott OAM

  • Dylan Alcott is one of Australia's most recognised Paralympians.
  • Founder of Able Foods.
  • Governor's Award Victorian Male Athlete of the Year - Frank Wilkes Award 2020.
  • Australian Logies 2019 Winner of the Graham Kennedy Most Popular New Talent. 
  • Author of his biography, Able, published in 2018.
  • He is the winner of the 2021 Australian Open quad wheelchair title for the seventh year running.
  • Winner of the French Open quad wheelchair singles title for the third consecutive year.
  • Nominated Young Australian of the Year 2017.
  • In 2016 Dylan was awarded Paralympian of the Year, the Newcombe Medal (the first wheelchair athlete to win the highest individual award in Australian tennis history) and GQ Sportsman of the Year.
  • Dylan was a Gold medal winner of both the wheelchair singles and doubles tennis at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and won basketball gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic games.
  • He is ranked 1 in the world as a singles and doubles quad competitor in wheelchair tennis and has won 14 grand slam singles titles.
  • In 2015, Dylan delivered his first ever TED talk at the TEDx Sydney event at the Sydney Opera House.
  • On a quirkier note, he is world renowned for his wheelchair crowd surfing at music festivals.

Topics for Dylan Alcott OAM

  • Overcoming extreme adversity
    • Born with a tumour wrapped around his spinal cord and without the use of his legs, Dylan was able to beat the odds and achieve more than the doctors ever thought he would, thriving into one of Australia's most recognisable and successful Paralympians.
  • Becoming the best version of yourself
    • Dylan is the epitome of making the most out of the situation you are given, and thrives on showing others the importance of focusing on the things that can control in order to live a full and incredible life.
  • The art of taking risks to achieve your goals
    • Dylan is a firm believer in the idea that you have to buy a ticket to win the raffle, and tells stories of the importance of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve your dreams.
  • Disability awareness and education
    • One of Dylan's passions helping change the perceptions of people with a disability across the world, and is an advocate for the social inclusion, inclusion in the workplace for all people with disabilities, as well as breaking down the negative stigma associated with disability.
  • Gold medal anecdotes from the world of sport
    • From stories from the Olympic and Paralympic villages to the sacred halls of the Grand Slams of tennis, Dylan has seen it all.
  • Importance of diversity and leadership representing the disability sector
    • Dylan is well educated on the significance of leadership amongst the disability sector.

Testimonials for Dylan Alcott OAM

Dylan's presentation was absolutely engaging, his story was powerful, filled with emotion and plenty of laughs. We’ve had such wonderful feedback from staff with some messages coming through to advise that its already supported an environment where staff feel confident to talk about their disability to their managers.
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Dylan was as personable, funny, and inviting online as I'm sure he would be in person. He engaged our senior students continually throughout his presentation, which can be difficult when presenting virtually. He clearly loves what he does.   
Alpine Shire Council

Dylan was and absolute professional, he was engaging and adapted to the online setting so well.
RMIT University

Dylan was amazing. His presentation connected with the audience, it was raw, real and wonderfully motivational. Delegates were engaged as they were taken on his journey; they laughed and cried but overall they were inspired.

Dylan was a truly engaging speaker that held the audience’s attention for every moment that he was on stage. His messaging and delivery was such that those of all ages and backgrounds could take something away from the life affirming messages he spoke about.
Warrnambool City Council

Dylan was a great drawcard for my event and delivered on his promise on the night. He is a passionate, inspirational and humorous speaker that easily connects with the audience. Dylan genuinely engaged with other members of the panel and was respectful to their viewpoints. Off stage, Dylan was a pleasure to deal with; he was professional, punctual and down to earth. I would highly recommend booking Dylan for any public engagement.
University of New South Wales

Dylan was amazing. He immediately engaged with the audience and took them on an entertaining and enlightening journey through his life experiences. Importantly, he was able to relate the key messages back to the audience which was mostly small business owners.
City of Melton

He is the best speaker on the circuit. Warm, funny, inspiring, clever. 

We knew Dylan would help us deliver our message being an advocate for disability awareness and education (that's why we chose him) but he totally exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning, Dylan had the full attention of every guest as he took us on a journey that was funny, sad, funny, educational, funny, heartfelt and funny. We went from the locker room at the Australian Open to the Intensive Care Unit at a Melbourne hospital. It was a powerful story that left the audience feeling empowered – to do more to support and normalise disabilities in our community.
Tourism Geelong Ballarine

Dylan was brilliant! Charming, friendly, down to earth, engaging, thought provoking and funny. Willing to give his time and answer questions with honesty and authenticity. Fantastic audience engagement. He was the definite highlight of the day and I have heard nothing but excellent feedback.
Wine Australia

Our Summit theme was ‘Inspiring Change’ and certainly Dylan inspires change and has made changes himself that are inspiring.
Australasian Association of Convenience Stores

Dylan delivered a highly engaging, funny and powerful presentation to our staff on “becoming the best version of yourself”. He spoke about breaking down the stigma of people with disabilities with stories of his childhood, the road to his Paralympic success, his professional achievements and shared some funny sports anecdotes. He passed around his gold medals and stayed for some photos at the end of the presentation. He is truly an inspirational athlete, TV and Radio personality and entrepreneur.
National Archives of Australia

Dylan gave a fantastic presentation and really hit the mark for the theme of the conference which was a ‘good life for all Victorians’. His presentation was extremely engaging and funny as he talked about the challenges of low expectations for people with disability, and patronising community attitudes.

His leadership and passion to overcome these attitudes through his activities eg. Get Skilled Access and the Dylan Alcott Foundation shone through. We had a number of people with lived experience of disability in the audience, and they asked questions of Dylan which was great.  His messages were important for the community sector to hear in their aspirations of diverse and inclusive leadership.

Dylan’s presentation ended our conference on a high, and we have had many people say to us what a fantastic and positive way to end the conference. From the event feedback received, it’s clear he was the highlight of the day for many people.

Thank you Dylan. We would love to work with you again in the future.
Victorian Council of Social Service

A standing ovation, what more could we ask for?  We are a purpose-driven organisation, and Dylan spoke with nothing but purpose.  He really brought the house down. 
Intrepid Group

Excellent.  Dylan was able to work a very diverse crowd and engage with both students, staff and councillors.  His language was great and did not overwhelm.  His down to earth nature put people at ease, and his openness to any form of questioning was refreshing for many people who may not have had a lot of contact with people who have a disability.  I would recommend Dylan in a heartbeat.
Wyndham City Council

Dylan was without doubt the best Keynote we have used. I have lost count of how many Members came up to me after the AGM and commented on how good Dylan was. He relates to the audience, he has humility, and he is a great guy.
Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia

Dylan is just himself which in itself is very refreshing, and has the ability to share his story without wanting sympathy for his great life. 
Municipal Works Operations Association

Dylan was engaging, amusing and inspiring.

Best ever
Prime Electrical Data

The team were literally moved by Dylan. His likeable, down to earth attitude, and his story was both interesting and motivating.
Workwear Group

Feedback on Dylan’s session has been phenomenal. The perfect blend of humour, realism and inspiration to be the best version of yourself. Dylan really struck a chord with our audience and people are still talking about it!

Dylan captured the audience’s attention from the beginning of his story. He was a great mix of funny and serious. All our attendees felt so special to hear his journey and talk to him afterwards.
Master Builders Association ACT

Dylan provided one of the most powerful, entertaining, thought provoking and engaging presentations our group has seen.  Never have I received so many positive comments from a group than I did about Dylan – a truly inspiring man!

Dylan was incredibly inspiring and we couldn’t have chosen a better speaker to finish our one-year program. He really dedicated his time and effort to give a great presentation. He was open to answer all the questions from the group, take photos – an amazingly humble and talented guy.
Destination Melbourne

His presentation was very motivational and inspires us to be better.
National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA)

Dylan was the perfect fit for our conference! He is such a confident and relaxed speaker, and completely hassle free to work with. I would definitely put Dylan forward to future clients. 
Grace Cordy, cievents

Dylan was very down to earth, engaging and funny! Overall inspirational!

Dylan was a very engaging presenter with a very powerful message. He developed an instant connection with our students and gave many personal accounts of his life and cleverly connected this in a way that our students could relate to.
Trinity Grammar School 

Very motivating
Frankston Toyota

Really engaging, easy going, great performance/talk. Really good at connecting with a large audience.
Chisholm Institute

Dylan was a fabulous way to end our conference with a bang! He was dynamic and very engaging, refreshingly open with sharing his story. The highlight of our event, we loved every minute!

Dylan was fantastic, we hope to have him along again.

Great speaker, very engaging and funny. Client said he was very down to earth, engaging and funny! Overall inspirational!​
Blacktown Venue Management