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Key Points for Dr Liz Wilson

  • Dr Liz Wilson, CEO of The Inclusive Foundation was awarded the Stevie Award for Women in Business in NYC, 2018.
  • You have the unique opportunity to include Scott Shoesmith with Liz at your next event. Her husband, Scott, who is profoundly Deaf, is available to co-present.
  • Liz and Scott's wedding video ‘Bride Signs to Deaf Husband’ went viral, with combined views of over 200 million.
  • She has been interviewed by numerous TV show including the Today show.
  • Was awarded the 2018 Female Innovator of the Year – NFP.
  • Holds a PhD in Organisation Culture and Human Behaviour.
  • Scott is a retired Australian Deaf Wallaby who has been part of multiple world tours.

Topics for Dr Liz Wilson

  • Inclusive Love for an Inclusive World
    The funny yet confronting story of a hearing-deaf relationship and how overcoming bias and doing things differently is critical to creating an inclusive world.
  • Inclusion Starts With Me
    Liz moderates a panel discussion with Scott as a panel member plus 2 - 3 other panel members from other diverse groups either from within the client organisation or from the Inclusive Foundation team. Panel members share personal stories of exclusion, while Liz serves as the mirror for the audience on how the exclusion people face is not because of their difference, but because of the barriers we put in their place.
  • Labels are Divisive and Morning Teas Don’t Help
    Liz breaks the news to participants that celebrating labels with morning teas won’t get us past acceptance, and to get to true inclusion we need to throw away the labels and focus on a pragmatic approach to creating a world where everyone is included.
  • Exclusion Experienced
    Immersive exclusion activity that confronts participants with the challenges others face on a day-to-day basis. A debrief is included with individuals living with that exclusion, followed by an action planning session so something gets done differently.
    NOTE: This session is developed bespoke for the audience based on their industry and current progress toward inclusion.


Testimonials for Dr Liz Wilson

WOW!! Totally blown away by this morning's event and have walked away feeling emotional but with a stronger wanting to help the inclusion journey we're all on. I felt that the comment of today is that WE need to adapt ourselves not the person with the disability - they've dealt with enough without having to worry about how WE feel and how to make US comfortable!! I'm with Liz and calling BS on that - the time to change has arrived.....
 ... I walked away equipped with a level of social awareness that I would’ve otherwise not had access to... A big thank you to Scott and Liz for sharing their personal stories with us.
Sabrina Hossain

I’ve learnt a bit about being more Inclusive! Disabled people are still people, not scary people - Liz shared the sad story of how her deaf husband Scott and the person that signs for him sat alone on a F45 conference table - no one, not even fitness industry leaders, were brave enough to step away from their cohort and out of their comfort zone and sit with them! ... Liz also shared that able bodied people can have a physical response to discrimination – they may draw back, screw up their face. And that that bias is learned.
Victoria Symes