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Key Points for Emilio De Stefano

  • Emilio is an experienced engineer, senior executive, entrepreneur and business growth expert who has been fascinated by the subjects of leadership and success since his early 20s
  • In a society crippled by the fear of failure, Emilio is a firm believer in the power of courage, risk-taking and never looking back
  • In 2015, Emilio threw in his six figure pay packet and senior executive role to pursue his dream of becoming a fulltime entrepreneur
  • Emilio is a highly enthusiastic, motivated speaker who knows how to inspire his audience to take action and make a positive change in their lives / organisations
  • Winner of the 2010 Defence Teaming Centre Young Achiever Award and national 2011 BAE Systems Australia Early Career Engineer of the Year Award, Emilio also received an Industry Leaders Fund (ILF) Grant in 2014 to attend the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Emilio is director and principal of De Stefano & Co, a boutique management consultancy, co-founder of Zemow, Adelaide’s first and only eco-friendly garden care business and treasurer on the national board of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Australia.
  • STEM Professional award finalist

Topics for Emilio De Stefano

  • Success in a disruptive future
    Topic(s): disruption, future of work, innovation.
    Summary: With global consulting experience working with organisations at the forefront of the future of work, in this keynote Emilio will inspire your audience to think big, embrace change and take action to succeed in a disruptive future.

    The pace of change has never been so frantic. Disruption has become the norm. Hear about what’s coming for your industry, how to prepare for it and how to make the most of the opportunities that these disruptive forces present for your organisation’s future success.
    Key takeaways
    • Understanding the disruptive forces that will impact your industry and your leaders
    • Understanding what the future of work will look like
    • Why you can’t afford to stand still – how playing it safe could well be the biggest risk of them all
    • How to make the most of your millennial talent to leverage the exciting opportunities that disruption presents
    • How to develop courageous people within your organisation to tackle disruption head on
    • How to develop a culture that can easily adapt to the challenges ahead

  • Get ahead. Stay ahead.
    Topic(s): success, innovation, leadership.
    Summary: In this keynote Emilio will inspire your audience to “become comfortable with the uncomfortable” and motivate them with his five easy to implement steps to increase their willingness to take calculated risks to get ahead and stay ahead.

    Do you ever wonder why some people appear to have the Midas touch, achieving success time and time again where others falter? Or why some organisations seem to be able to get ahead and stay ahead, even in less than ideal conditions? It’s certainly not a coincidence and the good news is that we can all achieve that same success if we’re willing to follow a few simple principles. Backed by international research, Emilio demonstrates how your audience can become more courageous, how they can overcome their fear of failure and how they can help one another to expand their comfort zones. Filled with many takeaways around leadership and success psychology, your audience will be left inspired to think big, embrace change and take action towards realising a successful future.
    Key takeaways
    • The critical relationship between success and failure
    • How playing it safe could well be the biggest risk of them all
    • The importance of embracing calculated risk-taking in our organisations as a way to get ahead and stay ahead
    • How to develop courageous people and a culture which cultivates courageous leaders
    • The five easy to implement steps to increase your audience’s willingness to take calculated risks and put themselves on the path to success

  • Leading millennials into the future
    Topic(s): future of work, leadership, millennials.
    Summary: In this keynote Emilio will inspire your audience to become future-proof modern leaders, those that can get the very best out of their millennial workforce to ensure tomorrow’s organisational success.

    Never before has there been more pressure on leaders. The modern leader needs to meet aggressive short-term KPI’s, inspire innovation, be accessible 24x7, understand the needs and wants of tomorrow’s workforce, the millennial workforce and deal with constant disruption all whilst being in tune with their people.

    Many employees have lost trust in the corporate machine and consequently their leaders. As a result, leaders now require a whole new kit of tools. Employees, particularly millennials expect leaders who genuinely listen to their ideas, who allow them to partake in the decision-making process and leaders who allow them to contribute to the greater cause. Hear Emilio’s insights into how your leaders can become future-proof leaders in today’s information age and how they can prepare themselves for a future leading what will soon become the world’s largest workforce by generation, the millennials. 
    Key takeaways
    • Understanding the challenges facing leaders including increasing uncertainty, increasing ambiguity, failing business models, disruption and the demands of millennials
    • Developing the kit of tools to thrive as a leader in the information age
    • Preparing leaders for success in a future that will be dominated by digitisation
    • The importance of trust, values, and culture in leadership
    • The art of decision making
    • Becoming the leader you want to be
    • The most important leadership trait of them all

  • Future careers in South Australia
    Topic(s): disruption, future of work, innovation, leadership, South Australia.
    Summary: A born and bred passionate South Aussie, in this keynote Emilio will fire up your audience, providing them with confidence in South Australia’s transitioning economy, insights into what the future of work will look like for the state and ways in which they can forge an outstanding career in South Australia.

    South Australia’s very best talent continues to migrate to the eastern seaboard and overseas. Many of its high performing, future leaders believe it’s not possible to ‘make it’ in South Australia, plus media headlines fuel the fire about our “nanny state”. But the truth is South Australia has plenty going for it.  Hear about the myriad of opportunities that exist for South Australia and learn the key steps to build a “heaps good” career in SA. Emilio is proof that anyone can forge an outstanding career in South Australia.  
    Key takeaways
    • What the future of work looks like for South Australia and what it could mean for us all
    • The steps each and every one of us can take to build a successful career and “make it” in South Australia
    • The importance of goal setting, networking, being non-conventional and having the courage to take action in a conservative society
    • Flipping our traditional thinking in order to view the opportunities that South Australia’s challenges present
    • Lessons to be learnt from Silicon Valley, the parallels between Adelaide and Silicon Valley 
    • South Australia’s transition to becoming an innovation economy
    • What each and every one of us can do to help make the transition to an innovation economy a reality

  • Becoming an entrepreneur
    Topic(s): entrepreneurship, future of work, leadership.
    Summary: In this keynote Emilio shares his insights into how he made his decision to ditch his corporate gig to become a full-time entrepreneur and how we can all use the lessons learnt from a corporate career to escape the mundane ‘everyday’ life and achieve freedom.

    According to businesscomparison.com, current predictions estimate that 50% of the working population will be self-employed or freelance by 2020. How is it that we can prepare ourselves for a successful career as an entrepreneur? Giving up the steady pay cheque to take a gamble on starting your own business is never an easy decision. The further up the corporate ladder we climb, the more we have to lose – or so we think. Suited to industry groups, start-up groups and aspiring entrepreneurs, in this keynote Emilio reveals how he took the plunge, how your corporate career can help you in your quest to become a successful entrepreneur and how a career as an entrepreneur can truly set you free.
    Key takeaways
    • The practical steps we can all take to achieve success in our careers
    • Freeing ourselves of the mundane ‘everyday’ life and truly ‘building’ something
    • Taking the ‘plunge’ into entrepreneurship without betting the farm
    • Applying lessons from a corporate career to entrepreneurship
    • Making a difference in a world where age and experience are no longer a barrier
    • Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable
    • Sticking it to the naysayers
    • How you too can take the ‘plunge’ no matter where you are in life



Testimonials for Emilio De Stefano

Emilio was a fantastic and engaging speaker, the network loved him and his message.
Elders Real Estate

Emilio was our chosen guest speaker at our Leadership Development program launch.  I was impressed with the time Emilio spent with us to try and understand our business and objectives, and tailor his presentation to our needs. It meant that his core message was perfectly targeted, and structured in a way that made sense to our audience.  Emilio is a very polished, enthusiastic and engaging young professional, who brightens the room when he speaks.  And it’s really inspiring to be educated about Millennials by one!”
General Manager Finance Services
A.P. Eagers Limited - SA Cars Division

I have known Emilio De Stefano for many years now and have seen him complete public speaking on a number of occasions. I have also used Emilio to talk to business groups that I run and to school groups through the Speakers in Schools program about his journey in life and business. Emilio is a very engaging speaker and I would recommend him for talks or workshops for both the business and education sectors.
Director, The Executive Roundtable / Ransgroup
Chair, Business in Schools and Speakers in Schools

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have Emilio as a key presenter at our Leadership Conference. He was engaging and motivating and kept everyone captivated with a message perfectly targeted for our audience.  Emilio provided the perfect inspirational end to our Program - what a gift for our students to have Emilio encourage them to find their passion in life and be courageous to follow it.  We look forward to working with Emilio again.
Careers & Employer Liaison Centre
Flinders University

Emilio delivered an engaging presentation and was fantastic throughout the whole event process. Being professional and organised, he ensured he understood our event’s intentions and matched his speech appropriately. He shared his journey with our guests of young professionals, inspiring them to be risk takers in South Australia so they don’t only dream about a career, but step out of their comfort zones to achieve it. Emilio’s credibility comes from his accomplished background, having gone through extensive education programs and two ventures he is very familiar with risk taking to make his dreams a reality. His presentation skills were evident from the start, clear, confident and passionate and we have had very positive feedback.
Generation Next Committee
William Buck

It has been an absolute pleasure to have met Emilio. I have had the privilege to hear Emilio speak in a number of different platforms from Chairing a key industry group, accepting industry awards, to being my guest on industry expert panels and my keynote speaker. Emilio is accomplished beyond his years, a natural and authentic leader and a role model to our future engineering and business professionals. Emilio is the utmost professional, he speaks with passion, engages, inspires and entertains his audience. It makes me very proud to be part of an organisation that produces amazing graduates such as Emilio. I always look forward to hearing him speak and pass on his learnings from his life and business journey.
Industry Liaison Manager
Teaching and Learning University of South Australia

I have been very fortunate to have Emilio represent engineering (and management) as a speaker at several events. Most recently Emilio spoke to students from Prince Alfred College, Wilderness School, Walford College and other schools about engineering career pathways. Emilio is a delightful blend of analyser/task master and promoter/communicator. Consequently he is able to connect with a diverse audience. The feedback I have heard regarding Emilio is excellent. Powerful, accommodating, engaging and humble, Emilio is a valuable contact to have.
Careers Counsellor and Indigenous Student Support
Prince Alfred College