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Key Points for Jason Clarke

  • Jason Clarke is the Founder of Minds at Work, a commercial collective of innovators tackling strategic and cultural issues within organisations.
  • He is the Co-founder of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, now at Monash University. 
  • He is also Course designer and lecturer in Innovation, Logic and Problem Solving at Melbourne Business School.
  • Guest lecturer in Innovation at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, the Stern Business School of New York and the Ben Gurion University of Israel.
  • Guest Lecturer in Innovative Leadership at the Nossal Institute of Global Health and Population Medicine.
  • Creative Director of Australia’s largest multimedia production company, responsible for the creative health and output of 200 media professionals on big budget creative projects for large business and government clients.

Topics for Jason Clarke

Australians have been through tough times before but what’s happening now is on a whole other level, the combination of Recession, Pandemic and Panic presents us the kind of challenges we haven’t faced in over 100 years.

Businesses need to dramatically rethink themselves if they’re to adapt to a very different world than the one they’ve known so far. Unless of course, they’re sellers of toilet paper and cleaning products.

In response to this, Jason has some specific and helpful keynotes to assist.

  • Mind your head
    Every day brings more and more things to think about… and less and less time to think in.

    Studies show that our heads are so busy dealing with change that it’s seriously affecting our capacity to process the world around us, let alone decide what to do about it.

    We could do with a little extra mental bandwidth, a little more room in the mind to do the kind of bigger, deeper thinking these crazy times demands of us all.

    Mind Your Head offers simple but powerful techniques to declutter your head and upgrade your mind to think clearer and faster, sharper and smarter. And who doesn’t need that?

    Join us… it’s a no-brainer.

  • Reinventing your business from the ground up
    If you haven’t realised it by now, your business has some serious rethinking to do – the assumptions and habits of the last few decades will simply not get us through the next few years - but how are you supposed to do that exactly?

    You have your own specific structures and systems that probably weren’t designed for world-changing disruption and innovation. And chances are, the culture you’ve had to date hasn’t exactly encouraged an agile and inventive mindset.

    Luckily, you’ve probably already got more than enough brains, resources and challenges to build a truly vibrant culture of growth and innovation; maybe what you need next is a handful of practical but powerful thinking skills and tools to get that party started.

    So what would reinvention look like when your business does it?

  • World’s next practice
    Anyone can lead in a period of stability and repetition; ‘Business as Usual’ neither needs nor demands much imagination. But we haven’t enjoyed that kind of routine since last century and the next few decades promise unprecedented levels of change and invention: we’re already seeing the failure of yesterday’s leaders when faced with tomorrow’s challenges.

    Tomorrow’s leader will need a mind that can rapidly embrace, connect and develop new and strange ideas, a mind that can both learn and unlearn, not only as fast as the world demands but before the rest of us catch on. Tomorrow’s leader needs to be astute observer and theorist, brilliant collaborator and a fierce competitor, inspiring visionary and creative problem solver.

    So how do you do that?

  • How to make really big decisions you won’t regret
    Chaotic times force us all to make big decisions and make them quickly and communities, businesses and governments all around us are scrambling to make the right call about situations they barely understand.

    Stay or Go? Do or Don’t? Deal or No Deal?

    But the only real measure of a decision being ‘good or ‘bad’ is how happily you could live with its consequences, which means that thinking through all those possible outcomes in advance is better than discovering them once the decision’s been made.

    Big Decisions explores the personal, national and global dimensions of choice and offers simple but powerful tools and techniques to resolve some of the most vexing dilemmas of our time on the back of an envelope.

    Yes, really.

  • The art of seeing forward – How to see what’s next
    The future belongs to whoever sees it first, but how can anybody do that?

    There are patterns in the turbulence around us, recurring shapes and rhythms that we can understand if we take a moment to observe; you already know a great deal about what the next version of your smart phone will look like. What else do you already know about what’s Next?

    See how the future may not be as unknowable as you’ve been lead to believe, especially since What is About to Happen is the first child of What is Currently Happening and the grand child of What’s Already Been.

  • The joy of problem solving
    Einstein said you couldn’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem, and he should know.  This workshop will introduce you to an essential tool kit of simple yet powerful ‘back of the envelope’ tools for understanding and resolving those annoying little foul-ups that threaten to turn everything pear shaped.

    Uncover how you got into your current situation and just how many ways out there are. Understand your problems and develop effective strategies to solve them. Identify what’s stopping you from doing great things… and get past it.

    Learn how to see a problem clearly, how to identify vital parts of its anatomy and most importantly, find its structural weak points. Discover the 6 basic solution strategies and see how to bring fresh eyes to an old problem… and actually have fun doing it.

  • The art of change
    How to anticipate, embrace and even drive change – ever notice how some of us are just better at change than others? What’s the trick… and can anyone learn it?

  • Rethinking leadership
    Our traditional models of leadership are woefully inadequate to deal with the challenges of the current century. So what does 21st Century Leadership look like?

  • Future ready
    The future belongs to whoever sees it first; so switch your mind onto high beam and start looking!

  • Automate this!
    Are you keeping an algorithm of a job… and if so, for how much longer? What can you do that a machine can’t; and could that be your next career?

Testimonials for Jason Clarke

Engaging, funny and his statistical data examples were exemplary. An amazing speaker worthwhile the spend and relevance to audience.
Zurich Financial Services

That was an awesome presentation! It was just what I had hoped for and you really made it relevant to RSM and our theme - I can’t thank you enough. I so appreciate having a chance to work with you; very generous and an inspiration.
Head of Marketing
RSM International, UK
Global Conference, Rome

We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback…some elaborated with “Jason Clarke provided the greatest value in terms of challenging and encouraging the industry”. I had a delegate walk up to me when you had finished speaking and said “It was pure genius to invite Jason Clarke along”.
Office Operations and Events Manager

Thanks so much for your enlightening speech, it was exactly what the room needed and the timing of it was perfect. It was wonderful to have you on board; I particularly (along with my colleagues and senior leadership) loved your presentation.
HR Projects, People Division
Department of Education and Training

Your presentation had some very positive feedback:
“Provided a different way of looking at automation and AI – embrace the change and be at the front instead of fearing it and be left behind; I thoroughly enjoyed Jason’s session.”
“The most brilliant speaker, clear change management framework.”
“Message is strong, great delivery.”
“Personally, this is the best speaker session to me! Would be a great session to be made available to all Finance teams across sites.”
“Enjoyed this speaker, reality focused change. ANZ finance should use this person to help us with the change transition”
Manager Shareholder Services and Events
Investor Relations, ANZ

He sure did nail the brief, absolutely awesome feedback on the day from our guests. Our host Glen actually told me to stop doing my work (getting the next speaker briefed) so that I could come in and watch the rest of his presentation. Thanks again, we would love to book him in for an internal seminar so I’ll be in touch when that comes up!”
Events Executive
Collingwood Football Club

Wow! Wow! Wowsa!  - absolutely nailed the brief!
We had such wonderful, glowing feedback from all of the participants who let me know how much they had enjoyed your session, myself included. All valued your highly entertaining, insightful and practical insights and tools around innovation. As I said at the time a hard gig to end a long day with - but yet again you pulled it off - energising the whole room.  A great high to finish on. My congratulations. 

Really engaging and also energised the audience, very appropriate content and hit the mark at exactly the right time.
Department of Education and Training VIC

The most brilliant speaker, clear change management framework.
Personally, this is the best speaker session to me! Would be a great session to be made available to all Finance teams across sites.
Message is strong, great delivery.
Provided a different way of looking at automation and AI – embrace the change and be at the front instead of fearing it and be left behind; I thoroughly enjoyed Jason’s session.
Enjoyed this speaker, reality focused change. ANZ finance should use this person to help us with the change transition.
Manager Shareholder Services and Events, Investor Relations

I have NEVER heard anything but incredible feedback whenever we have had you speak (and that’s been quite a few times now!) Let’s face it Jason, it’s hard to follow someone like you, a person who has so much energy and who generates enthusiasm and involvement from everyone in the room.
Program Manager
International CEO Forum

Like having your brain enlarged without the drugs!
Department of Innovation

As always, you blew the audience away with your thoroughly interactive, entertaining and thought provoking presentation. You continue to top my list of all-time favourite speakers and constantly win over any audience I throw at you and in any time slot.                   
International HR Director Forum

Thanks so much Jason for all your energy, insights and huge capacity to share your expertise and knowledge. I have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about your sessions and many people wanting more.                   
Dairy Australia

Switched on and quick witted; you’ve left my brain buzzing!
Centre for Social Change

I have been involved in corporate events for over ten years and have never seen a crowd respond so positively or so quickly in all that time. Every single attendee that approached us told us they felt inspired, enthused, full of potential and wanted more. Your ability to simplify processes that for many of them had become quite complex meant they felt motivated, able and ready to make changes and move forward.                          
Melbourne East LLEN

Frankly, these are the highest ratings I have ever seen.

Excellent. Jason’s presentation was informative, relevant and provided an appropriate level of entertainment.
LG Pro

Very engaging and great content
Meeting & Events Association

Excellent speaker, great practical knowledge very entertaining
David Grant Special Events

Motivational and thought provoking
Gundagai Public School

Jason is extremely engaging and the perfect facilitator for Innovation Masterclass. Excellent.
Johnson & Johnson

Excellent I really enjoyed the workshop, Jason was very engaging and the tools provided were very practical and easy to understand. There was a good level of interaction with the group, but at the same time the workshop allowed time to reflect individually whilst Jason presented. Very enjoyable two-day workshop. Jason was very engaging.
Johnson & Johnson

Excellent. Comments from the audience- More guest speakers like Jason with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Best session I've seen for years. Very interesting and captivating.