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Key Points for Jemimah Ashleigh

  • Jemimah Ashleigh was named Top 10 Female Entrepreneur in Australia.
  • She is an international keynote speaker and MC.
  • She is the author of the international best-seller Position Me.
  • She is a global thought leader in over 70+ countries and reaches over 6.3 million through social media and podcasting.
  • She is the co-host of The Business Experiment and Level Up podcasts.
  • She is a board member of The Hope Project and impact partner for Thank You.

Topics for Jemimah Ashleigh

  • Was it a bad day?
    Jemimah uses her humour in talking about analysing bad days in business and setting a benchmark for what is a bad day. She tells the story of how her partner was seriously injured after a routine call out, removing half of his testicles on a nail while breaching a property and how ultimately, this still ended up being a good day.
  • Diversity and women in business - Feminism is not a dirty word
    Jemimah talks about the importance of diversity in business and why it’s of benefit to all parties. Jemimah talks about always being under-represented as a female minority in law enforcement (8% in operations), being a woman in business and in comedy and improv. Jemimah covers:
    • What is feminism and why do we actually need it as a collective for human existence?
    • What do women actually bring to the table?
    • What does that mean for men? Nothing.
    • How do you recruit women in business and why it will make you a lot of money?
  • Mental health and self-care in entrepreneurship
    On 10 October 2016, Jemimah was driving home and had a panic attack for the first time. Thinking she was dying, she ended up in a state of panic for the next 3 days. Jemimah explains what led to that situation: the assault, law enforcement, not dealing with your past and what you can do about your mental health now.
  • “So it turns out, I’m a millennial”
    Jemimah discovered on-stage she was a millennial while speaking with Barrack Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valarie Jarrett. All the facts she thought she knew about millennials lined up and yep, she was. What did that mean? Spoiler: very little but it did change the way she thought about herself.

Testimonials for Jemimah Ashleigh

Jemimah saved me and my business. I achieved more in 90 minutes with her than I have in two years of running my own business.
Hailstorm Fitness

Like King Midas, her enthusiasm and no crap attitude towards business and relationships are infectious and laden with gold. Every interaction with Jemimah is rewarding and if people are defined by the company they keep, then I am to be judged well.
Riabla Studio

Jemimah is the embodiment of wow. In a digital age, where words like “substance”, “quality”, and “value” seem like buzz words or distant memories of pre-internet customer service, Jemimah is one of the few people who actually live and breathe them. Like King Midas, her enthusiasm and no-bullshit attitude towards business and relationships are infectious and laden with gold. Every interaction with Jemimah is rewarding and if people are defined by the company they keep, then I am to be judged well.
Personal Brand Expert

You went above and beyond for the audience and for the BX today.
Business Coach

Jemimah has been a voice of reason and trusted source of business expertise that has been invaluable to building my professional profile in addition to that she has incredible interpersonal skills and is a pleasure to be around. She knows what she is talking about and coaches you through the best process to be the best you can be.
Nick Steain

I've only known Jemimah a short time but she's rapidly become one of my '5 people' that I spend the most time with. I've rarely known someone to leap into the business world so rapidly, and so assuredly with seemingly unshakable confidence. In the short time Jemimah has been in business she's produced some amazing results for not one, but three business ventures. Her successes are not only testament to her self-motivation and appetite to learn from everyone around her, but also to her ability to fearlessly make mistakes and pursue opportunities. Jemimah is not only good at what she does, but she leads the way in helping people reach their goals. I have no hesitation recommending Jemimah to anyone seeking a fantastic business mentor and advisor. It has been a great pleasure of working with her for
the past 2 years.
Win More Clients

Dedicated. Enthusiastic. Fun. Jemimah is the hardest working entrepreneur I know.
Capital Eye

There is not many that you can say changed your life. This is what this girl did. She is a MUST to listen and talk to. I could not recommend her enough.
F45 Trainer and Gym Owner