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Key Points for Jonathan Huston

  • At 36, with barely three months commercial experience, Jonathan raised $18m to buy Tintacar off his boss.
  • At 19, he had dinner with the Queen. Yes, just the two of them, but it was no date!
  • The Principles of Was: In business. Why the Prussians nailed organisational development.
  • The key is not running your business, it's preparing for exit from the day you buy it.
  • You can go broke just as easily working your guts out, as you can sitting around drinking coffee.
  • Unlocking and unblocking the power of boards by voting: yes voting.

Topics for Jonathan Huston

  • Why relationships are evil and how they devalue your business.
  • Make your board work by voting again and by disagreeing with each other.
  • Private equity and management buy outs: How to buy a business when you have no money.
  • Auftragstaktik: Why were the Germans unbeatable? Make it work in your business. I did.
  • Maximise your sales price by playing golf: But it is a 3 year course.
  • The ANZAC Myth: Come on you can't be serious! The inconvenient truth.

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