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Key Points for Katrina McCarter

  • Katrina McCarter is a business industry expert in the science of collaboration and marketing strategy.
  • Is a marketing industry trainer, responsible for teaching a wide variety of digital marketing applications including data, SEO, website development, social media and influencer marketing.
  • Has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing across a diverse range of industries.
  • One of 100 business disruptors on the global Women2Watch list by Remodista 2020.
  • Has featured in Mumbrella, B&T, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio, Inside FMCG and CEO Magazine.

Topics for Katrina McCarter

  • Your new superpower: Partnerships
    Of the thousands of ways you could change up your business in 2021, there’s one strategy which will grow it fastest with the lowest spend: partnerships.

    In one of her two fields of international expertise, Katrina tells how a lucky punt—joining forces with another business for a competition—was the major revelation in her decades of business. It saw her grow a community from zero to 150,000 in five years with less than $300 per month spent on marketing.

    Now she believes all businesses are one strong partnership away from the success they desire. In this presentation, she outlines her Spice Girl Syndrome theory, how to identify potential partners and how to pitch, why big business loves teaming with solo entrepreneurs, the template to sealing the deal and the five benefits of partnership (plus the one big partnerships no-no.)

  • Brand survival in the digital age
    Consumer behaviour has evolved at warp speed, and thanks to the technological pivots handed to us by 2020’s work from home imperatives, consumers are more empowered, informed and equipped than ever before to make savvy buying decisions. Despite information overload, consumers have developed and refined impeccable skills for filtering information and making smart choices.

    So, with a smartphone at every consumer’s fingertips, an Apple watch on their arm and a Smart Speaker in their home, all supplying a never ending wave of content, the question brands need to ask is: how do we break through the clutter and be a welcome and relevant visitor to their screen or speaker?

    In this presentation, Katrina will reveal the arrival of the lucrative and under-served Tech-First consumer, and share five marketing strategies to capture their valuable attention and their business. Hear critical research-based insights into this growing and influential market and understand how you can adapt to this agile, tech reliant generation of consumers.

  • The future of marketing starts today
    The next decade is set to be fast and furious. What will consumers respond to? What does the future hold for marketing to consumers, and how do brands stay ahead of the often-changing conditions? Does your company know what’s around the corner?

    After consulting with brand leaders, agency chiefs, researchers and specialist marketers from around the globe, Katrina identifies eight critical success factors brands need to consider now to secure their success in the coming decade. Katrina offers practical examples of brands excelling in each of these eight areas to demonstrate just how your brand can implement these into your organisation.

    Katrina demonstrates why now is the right time to rethink your marketing approach. Fast track your brand and build a competitive advantage by gaining critical research-based insights and ensure your business will still be around in 2030.

  • Why customer experience is your secret weapon
    Consumers expectations of customer experience have advanced faster than brands can deliver them. Coupled with this, there is a savvy, digitally empowered consumer demanding more from brands. How well are you delivering against these changing expectations?

    In this presentation Katrina will help you navigate the pitfalls of improving your customer experience. Drawing on recent research and her own business experience, Katrina shares 7 proven strategies you can implement to deliver a superior experience to grow your brand’s sales, profits and market share.

    You’ll gain an important commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by developing a deeper understanding of what consumers are demanding and practical strategies enabling you to gain their business.

  • Rebuilding trust amongst the world's most powerful consumers
    Trust is the most valuable commodity your brand has. The strongest and most valuable relationships are built on this foundation.

    So, what happens when consumers no longer trust you? Today’s consumers are increasingly turned off by pushy advertisements that marginalise and misunderstand them. They are rejecting brands that fail to deliver what they need and demand from brands.

    So how can your brand rebuild trust? In this presentation Katrina shares her 7 successful strategies to build rapport, rebuild trust and create a strong, valuable relationships. You will learn how to communicate effectively and confidently with today’s consumers using Katrina’s research-based insights.

  • The mother of all opportunities
    Fact: research shows that if Mums were an industry, they would be the largest contributor to GDP in Australia. But there are key segments that are being overlooked and it’s costing brands valuable sales and profit.

    In this presentation, Katrina shares the five biggest opportunities in the Mum market—Single Mums, Invisible Mums, Immigrant Mums, Tech-First Mums and Grandmothers. In a fast moving, increasingly complex market your brand cannot afford to overlook or diminish the importance of these sub-segments of Mums.

    Find out from Katrina how to talk their language and make a real connection that builds trust in your brand. Through targeted campaigns you’ll be able to drive growth and opportunity in this overlooked, misunderstood, untapped and hugely powerful section of the market.

  • Redefining success
    What does it mean to be successful? In this presentation, Katrina demonstrates that success differs for everyone as she shares the seven most important strategies she’s learned on her journey from corporate businesswoman to stay at home Mum to successful entrepreneur.

    This is Katrina’s signature motivational keynote designed to entertain, inspire and motivate your audience to question how they view success and reflect on their personal contribution to their organisation.

    Light-hearted at times but with a serious message about contribution and the importance of team making it the perfect presentation for an International Women’s Day event or a conference where you want your audience to feel their contribution is important and valued. It resonates particularly well for the finance and banking industry with many stories shared in this area. It is suitable for both a male and female audience.

Testimonials for Katrina McCarter

About a year ago, I was lucky enough to attend one of Katrina’s courses at ADMA. Over a series of in-depth teaching days, I learned a great deal about digital marketing. I don’t say that lightly: I have been working in social and digital marketing for over ten years now, and I find the majority of training to be too light-on for me, or frustratingly out of date. What drives me to recommend Katrina is the fact that over the past twelve months, I have returned again and again to my notes and the extensive, thoughtful learning packs Katrina provided, and have also become hooked on her podcast. Katrina really is on the ball with digital and especially content that resonates on the true, human level. If you are considering working with her, do. Your work will be better and more enjoyable for it.
University of Melbourne

We have been fortunate to feature Katrina McCarter on our M2Moms®-Marketing to Moms program for the past 3 years. Founded in 2005, M2Moms® is the only executive learning event in the world that specializes in helping brands deliver better business results with today’s mom & family consumers. Katrina is one of the leading voices in the world on this topic. She is a global expert whose passion and prowess is boundless and borderless. Katrina has a signature style of speaking that is smart, clear, logical and action oriented. Katrina uses case study examples that help us understand immediately how the keys she teaches can be applied to produce positive results. Her new book, The Mother Of All Opportunities: A strategy for a decade of growth, profits and market share gains, is a must-read for all mom-brand businesses. On the page or on the stage, Katrina McCarter never disappoints. She’s got the goods”
Co-Founder & Producer
M2Moms®-The Marketing to Moms Conference

We had the pleasure of having Katrina McCarter as one of our key note speakers for our Unstoppable FEW Leadership Conference 2019. Katrina was so engaging and her session was well received. I would recommend Katrina as a speaker to any organisation looking for an engaging, knowledgeable and professional speaker for their event. Her subject matter and journey on how she developed her business would be of interest to all industries and genders. Thank you Katrina for helping to make our conference such a success.
Financial Executive Women

Katrina recently ran a Marketing to Mums Masterclass around the country for ProVision Eye Care, helping our member optometry practices with a practical marketing framework to better target their identified most profitable mum, based on market research Katrina coordinated. Katrina’s approach was warm, highly professional, approachable and completely tailored to our audience. 200 attendees scored the Masterclass a 9.4/10! The most pleasing part? We have seen participants implement recommendations from the very next day! We will continue to work with Katrina to refine our Marketing to Mums strategies and further education for our 460+ ProVision practices.
Marketing Manager
ProVision Eye Care

We were fortunate enough to have Katrina McCarter conduct a marketing workshop at our 2019 Annual Franchisee Conference. I had listened to Katrina’s podcasts, read her ‘Marketing to Mums’ book and listened to her speak in the past and thought Katrina’s extensive research and marketing tips would be perfect for my franchisees. Being in the kids activity industry, continuous marketing strategies are key to keeping our customers coming through the door. Unfortunately, local area marketing is also an area of the business that franchisees really struggle with. Katrina clearly explained key mistakes that marketers make when focusing on mums and gave us lots of strategies to be able to increase our marketing reach. As mums constitute 95% of our target market this information was so vital to our overall marketing strategies. 98% of franchisees were ‘extremely satisfied’ with the relevant content covered in Katrina’s workshop! ‘We loved having the stats and facts behind why we were implementing each of the strategies and we really feel that we understand mums - our target market so much more after the workshop’. Franchisees loved that they were given a workbook that they could take away with them and reflect on how they could improve their individual marketing plans. I could not recommend Katrina highly enough. If mums are your target market - you MUST talk to Katrina!
Ready Steady Go Kids

Katrina has been an excellent addition to our line up for our first ever Mums Marketing Conference, held in Sydney and Melbourne, 2017. She was pivotal in helping us launch the conference into the market by utilising her own networks for promotion and also by reaching out to a number of her own contacts personally too. At the event itself Katrina delivered our highest rated talk at both events, it was excellent. Katrina was voted the number 1 most engaging speaker AND number 1 most informative, we will definitely be inviting her back next year! I can’t rate Katrina high enough for your event, she is the upmost professional and a genuine pleasure to work with.
Founder & Director
Growth Tank

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel session on Marketing to the Modern Family with Katrina McCarter of Marketing to Mums at the Mumbrella Travel Summit in 2017. Katrina’s role was to provide insight for the travel industry into more effective ways to connect with the most important decision makers for Australian families: Mums. Katrina’s knowledge, insight and experience with this key target audience were vital to the success of the session - the most highly rated of the event. Katrina not only understands this market in depth, but was able to translate this into clear and practical recommendations for the audience in an articulate and eloquent fashion. I’d recommend Katrina to anyone looking to have an effective and knowledgeable speaker on the topic of marketing to Mums.
Strategist, Futurist, Co-Founder
MyTravelResearch.com and Panel Moderator
Mumbrella Travel Marketing Summit, 2017

Katrina McCarter is one of the leading Australian authorities on marketing to mums. She is the first person to really back her strategies and suggestions with in-depth research.
Andrew Griffiths
Australia’s #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author

I had the pleasure on programming Katrina into the content for ad:tech Sydney and I am really pleased I did. Her delivery was polished and insightful. In a world where technology is personalising everything around us, it is important that marketers think about different segments deeply and clearly and if you are marketing to Mums, Katrina is your lady. I recommend her to anyone who needs to make meaningful connections to Mums.
Content Director
ad:tech Sydney

Katrina ROCKED our stage. In less than 5 minutes she had 350 people in rapturous applause! What more could I ask for?
Dent Global

It was such a pleasure to feature Australia’s Mum Expert on the 2017 M2Moms stage. Great presentation on travel. Please come back next year!!
M2Moms Conference

Katrina McCarter was an obvious choice to have as a speaker at the What’s On 4 Kids Conference. Katrina’s first-hand knowledge and expertise in the area of marketing and branding was of great value to our audience of 80 business owners in the kids’ activity and party industry. Katrina was a confident speaker who presented the topic of “Marketing to Mums” in a way that was informative and filled with achievable take away messages that the business owners could implement instantly. Katrina’s insightful reflection on the mother consumer market in an increasing customer focused marketplace was current and innovative and I’d highly recommend Katrina as a speaker.
What's On 4 Kids

It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Katrina who is an expert in her field. Katrina presented at our annual Franchising Conference where she educated, inspired and supported all Franchisees with her 8 Steps program. Katrina’s warm, approachable style makes her relatable and someone I would highly recommend.
Playball Kids Sport Australia