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Key Points for Kirsty Milligan

  • Kirsty is a national television and radio guest who is regularly asked to share her expert opinion on first impressions, personal branding, dressing for career advancement and even what politicians should wear to connect with and influence voters.
  • Personal Brand Expert for Sky News Business Channel’s program ‘Summer Money’ with Chloé James.
  • Corporate Image Expert on Channel 7’s Daily Edition.
  • Kirsty travelled the country with ‘Meet The Media’ as the National Media Training Facilitator, teaching entrepreneurs how to present their Personal Brand on television with impact and authenticity.
  • Kirsty works with clients at every level, from CEO’s to line staff, students and entrepreneurs. She is gifted in her ability to draw out her client’s indelible brand and create a cohesive, authentic personal image.
  • Author of Kick-Ass Personal Branding is a practical guide to building a Personal Brand the resonates with you and your tribe. This book is for everyone from Students to CEO’s, Managers and Entrepreneurs who want to be purposeful, conscious leaders and build trust and connection in a world where face-to-face skills are being lost to screen time.


Topics for Kirsty Milligan


  • Know, like and trust – Get more ‘YES’ in The first 7 seconds
    We do business with people we ‘know, like and trust’. Our body language, tone of voice and clothing has more weight in this decision than our words do. Harness the influencing power of your visual image.
  • Leadership language – Influence on sight
    Some people are born with magnetic presence like Barack Obama, but the majority of us need to practice and perfect it. From body language to vocal tone and presentation what is leadership presence and what do you need to do to get it?


Kirsty’s workshops are in modules you can pick and choose from to create the perfect event for your business. Choose from the most popular topics below or work with Kirsty to create something bespoke for your event. Each module is delivered in 1.5hr or 2hr sessions. Sessions time can be adjusted to fit your event.

  • Personal branding foundations – Know, like and trust
    • What is a Personal Brand and why is it important to your sales, your relationships and your career?
    • Develop your unique Personal Brand Statement.
    • Attracting your ‘YES’ tribe.
  • Your branding and social media
    • Plan your social brand with Kirsty’s social media planner.
    • Bring your laptop learn how to use free online tools to build your brand.
    • Social media etiquette.
    • The know, like & trust brand – creating sticky content.
  • Staying on brand with difficult people
    • We will all come across difficult people, or people having difficult times. What drives these behaviours in the workplace?
    • The Cyclone Effect – how to ‘weather proof’ yourself from negative situations.
    • Staying On Brand – anchoring your behaviours to your values and mission even in toxic situations.
  • Leadership presence
    • The body language of leader.
    • The leadership voice.
    • Look like the leader in the room.
    • Influence on sight.
  • Leadership presence - standing like a woman in a man's world (Women’s only workshop. For women in leadership)
    • As women we are innately different to men. Thank goodness. As leaders it’s our turn to take up more space in business, the community and the world.
    • Let’s talk about taking up our space and filling it with feminine power.
  • Styling your brand
    • Our visual image is speaking to people all the time. It’s a silent yet powerful communicator. What are we saying and how are we saying it?
    • We can design the way people see us. We can influence on sight with colour, textures and structure. How can we do this in our high-pressure environments?


Testimonials for Kirsty Milligan

The entire Hotondo Homes team loved Kirsty.  She opened the conference with style, fun and everyone in the room was comfortable and smiling throughout the presentation.  A great presenter with an awesome topic.  Something that we all need to hear! Would recommend Kirsty!
Hotondo Homes

Kirsty Milligan is powerful and commanding keynote speaker. Her knowledge of how first impressions are created and how we are motivated by them is exceptional. She has the ability to hold an audience and shake up their thinking about purposeful leadership presence. She is an expert media personality very proudly represented by Media Stable. She is sought after in both the radio and television broadcasting industries for her expert opinions on leadership presence, personal branding and style. Kirsty is the consumate professional at all levels whether it be media appearances, keynote addresses or workshop facilitation. Every leader needs to know what she knows.
Media Stable
Kirsty Milligan is a very powerful key note speaker with an amazing talent to match people’s unique style with their visual appearance. She truly has a great ability to dress people to impress, which qualifies them at first sight!
Authentic Leadership Empowerment

For over 12 months Kirsty Milligan has been the in-house Stylist, Show Director and Keynote Speaker for The High Tea Party Event. In total, Kirsty has performed over 70 shows nationwide touching over 20,000 women with her powerful message. Each and every performance has been unique, engaging, polished and sincerely heart felt. The way Kirsty draws the audience in, is so wonderful to watch. During this time, I have given Kirsty the freedom to create the show for my guests and I can tell you I have never been disappointed.   Kirsty is a master at professionally handling last minute running changes with ease and positivity. Kirsty’s message isn’t just about styling women; it’s ensuring we all feel powerful and confident to do whatever we desire in our lives. This message wholeheartedly resonated with our audience.
Kirsty is the ultimate professional.
The High Tea Party

As a professional keynote speaker, the importance of the clothes you wear cannot be under-estimated as the moment you step out on that stage you are under scrutiny and judgement. It takes a skilful eye to be able to give a person a look that is both professional but also open so people become engaged and focused on what you are talking about. I would encourage everyone to give yourself the professional edge contact Kirsty and be guided by her expertise. Whenever I need to update my wardrobe I will be contacting the fabulous Kirsty Milligan.
Dr Rosemary McCormick
Key Note Speaker