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Key Points for Kyla Kirkpatrick

  • Season 5 Real Housewives of Melbourne, 2020.
  • Launched what is now the largest online retailer of Champagne in Australia with Emperor.
  • One of few selected people in the world who is honoured with officially representing the Champagne region in a tightly controlled appellation.
  • Nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year for 2016 (by Emma Isaac, founder of Business Chicks).
  • Only qualified female cognac master in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Recruited in Paris by the world’s largest luxury goods conglomerate, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and posted to Sydney where they created a unique role for her to be the Australian representative of Krug, Dom Perignon, Moët and Chandon, Ruinart and Veuve Clicquot.
  • Presented to over 10,000 people in the last decade to most major corporations of Australia teaching them not only how to appreciate the history of nuances of Champagne but how to create a life you love by following your heart and intuition. 
  • Online TV show on Champagne, the largest database of Champagne lovers in Australia at 43,175 and the largest Champagne Club in the southern hemisphere. 
  • Degree in Mandarin and speaks fluent Chinese. Kyla will be launching her Champagne education business in China this July 2015.

Topics for Kyla Kirkpatrick

  • Virtual masterclass
    Treat your team, clients or guests to an amazing champagne tasting. Champagne will be delivered to home / office and a virtual tasting conducted via Zoom.
  • Mastering mindset
    • Taking References from the Great Dames of Champagne.
  • Love money
    • Embrace your passion to create a successful business from it.
  • Inspirational leadership
    • Having the courage to take risks in life and reap the reward. Carve out your own way.
  • Get niched
    • Gone are the days of a succeeding as a generalist. People want to deal with an expert. Its time to niche your way into serious success. Kyla talks through the power of being niche and how to be known as an expert in your field taking a leaf out of her book being a renowned specialist in Champagne.
  • Personally plus
    • Put the humanity back into your corporate community. We all know about B to B and B to C business but to succeed in the market today you need to embody the concept of H to H – ‘Human to Human’. People buy from people they like, and they continue to buy from people they like. People want to deal with a person not a corporation. Learn how to change the tone, positioning and language of your business to be more human and break down the walls of ‘them and us’.
  • Madames and maisons
    • Learn the how the Champagne industry was influenced by some of the strongest women in history. It is said that no other industry was as impacted by women like the Champagne Industry was. We still have the Veuve Clicquot business woman’s awards globally each year to recognise strong women in business. A glimpse into yester year and the strong women of Champagne’s past and how they compare to women of today.
  • The art of etiquette
    • Excellent etiquette in your professional and personal life sets you apart from everyone else. Lack of it can mean the difference between establishing rapport with your peers or clients, upon which you can build fundamental, respectful relationships that result in you securing a job, a sale, a partnership and winning a tender - or not
  • Journey into the world of champagne (Masterclass)
    • Have you ever wondered why champagne is known as the Wine of Kings or why the bubbles rise from the center of the glass? Kyla Kirkpatrick, will take you and your guests on a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of champagne.
  • Magnums & madames (Masterclass)
    • Explore the revolution of Champagne through the eyes and innovations of a handful of the most influential women in Champagne’s 300 year history. An inspirational and heartwarming presentation. To add to the drama of the event all champagnes are served from Magnum! (Story can be told as a keynote without champagne.)
  • Perfume & champagne (Masterclass)
    • A perfume and champagne masterclass is a decadent sensory experience that explores the power of scent, the link between champagne and perfume and its creation whilst pairing 5 perfumes and 5 champagnes.
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Host

Testimonials for Kyla Kirkpatrick

An event by Kyla Kirkpatrick is like no other, she is incredibly well informed about all things champagne, sophisticated, passionate and highly engaging. I would recommend The Champagne Dame as the perfect addition to any event, corporate or casual, given her unique ability to tailor to the audience. I am already looking forward to my next Kyla experience and hearing a few more firsthand tales from Champagne while sipping on its best!
Vice President
Macquarie Bank Australia

Your presentation was amazing and in particular you’re knowledge of champagne and its region.  Sabering the champagne topped off the whole evening and you have a skill that everyone should see. I would highly recommend attending one of your champagne courses to anyone who is interested.
Corporate Sales Manager
BMW Rushcutters Bay

Our clients and guests have been absolutely delighted to attend Kyla’s Champagne Master Class, and intrigued with her expertise and depth of knowledge of champagne, its origins and anecdotal tales.  Kyla is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, highly organised and with an ability to fully understand event and audience needs for each presentation.
Event Director
BNP Parisbas  

I attended a presentation of Kyla Kirkpatrick talking on the importance of being niche. I had heard that Kyla was an engaging presenter but engaging was an understatement. She is captivating. Her story is so incredibly unique and her business is inspirational! I would pay money to see her speak time and time again. More please.
Lara McVeigh International Marketing Director, Wearing Memories Jewellery

We engaged Kyla to present to our Business Chicks across Australia in December thinking it would be a lovely and entertaining way of celebrating Christmas. But Kyla doesn’t simply deliver an entertaining performance, she delivers an inspirational performance and our members loved it as much as I did. What a woman!
Lois Shaw, Events Executive Business Chicks Australia