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Key Points for Mark McCrindle

  • Mark McCrindle is a social analyst, renowned for tracking emerging issues, researching social trends and analysing customer segments.
  • Is recognised as one of Australia's foremost generational experts.
  • As a social commentator Mark is well equipped. He has a degree in Psychology; he is a qualified Social Researcher, and a depth of experience in communicating across the generations.
  • Co-author of Generation Alpha, a book on the newest generation.

Topics for Mark McCrindle

  • Leadership
    • Leadership in anxious times: How to innovate and future proof your organisation
      When times of crises are forced upon us, how do we respond, adapt and lead for the better? This session covers the research insights from McCrindle’s COVID-19 reports as well as the megatrends impacting the future and how to innovate, respond and maximise the opportunity rather than hunker down. In this session, Mark will outline what organisations can do to prepare for change and succeed long-term. He will address the importance of communication, building resilient organisations, responding to disruption and how to lead with clarity and resolve.
    • Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times
      Over the last few years wellbeing has risen to the top of the agenda. It is one of the key challenges and opportunities that our society faces. In any given week, we spend more than a third of our waking hours at work, so it is the place we most need to get wellbeing right. It is also a key priority for workers, with 83% saying it is up to the employer to facilitate wellbeing in the workplace. Based on the book Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times, this session will help leaders and organisations understand and navigate the future of work, intergenerational teams and why prioritising employee wellbeing is a non-negotiable for the future. Mark will provide a practical, data-driven and engaging guide to workplace wellbeing; equipping leaders, managers and employees with a thorough understanding of what work wellbeing is, why it’s important and how to achieve it.

  • Future Trends
    • Changing times emerging trends: Innovating and thriving amidst transformative times
      Only occasionally in history do massive demographic changes combine with huge social shifts, generational transitions, and ongoing technological innovation, plus a global pandemic so that within the span of a few years society altogether alters. While such change impacts everyone and every organisation, those that will future proof their organisations understand the times, influence the trends, and shape the future. In this session, Social Analyst Mark McCrindle will navigate the megatrends transforming Australia to deliver a snapshot of 2030. He will discuss the key implications of these changes on clients, employees, and the broader community and how through collaboration, innovation, and adaptation, we can thrive in these times of change.
    • The future of work: Understanding the trends to prepare for the future
      COVID-19 ushered in the most transformative change to work that we have seen in a century. With the impacts extending deep into the workplace, this session will equip leaders and organisations with an understanding of what the future of work will look like. From remote working, changing travel arrangements, meetings, and events, to training and motivating staff virtually, this session will help leaders and organisations understand and navigate the future o of work to facilitate employee, organisational and societal wellbeing.

  • Generational trends
    • Understanding and engaging with the ever-changing customer
      Organisational leaders are increasingly seeing the importance of business intelligence and social analysis in driving growth. But to increase sales and develop product innovations to attract younger generations, a deeper understanding of these new customers and their changing expectation is imperative. In this session, Mark will give an overview of the emerging generations - Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha - and how they differ from their older counterparts. He will examine who they are and what defines them; what drives and motivates them; and how best to communicate with them in these rapidly changing times.
    • The new world of work and the emerging workforce
      The future of industry is shaped not just by the technological changes but also the sociological changes. Indeed, what defines our 21st Century is the massive technological change which combined with the huge demographic change is reshaping the business landscape. Our world is experiencing the biggest generational change since the birth of the Post-war Baby Boomers. Increasingly Baby Boomers are downshifting, Generation Xers and Ys are the emerging managers, and the Gen Zeds are today’s new employees. Therefore, it is critical to understand the attitudes, values and expectations of the diverse generations comprising today’s workforce. In this session, Mark will identify the HR implications of these new attitudes, values, and workplace priorities of to...

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