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Key Points for Martin Butler

  • Martin Butler is one of the world's leading Retail, Marketing & Branding Experts.
  • During a 30 year career Martin has worked in many top international advertising agencies. He recently sold his own UK advertising & marketing agency where he gained a reputation as a retail specialist.
  • Born into retailing, Martin is a true hybrid, part retailer, part marketer who uses this unique combination to inform his thinking and share his views.
  • The author of two books, "The art of being chosen' (released in 2010) benchmarks and celebrates worldwide retail best practice retail with findings being drawn from every continent. His internationally acclaimed book on best practice retail branding "People don't buy what you sell, they buy what you stand for' was released in 2005.

Topics for Martin Butler

  • The Art of Being Chosen
  • 6 Secrets to Retail Success

Testimonials for Martin Butler

What we were looking to achieve was a “fast track” update on what’s working in the rapidly evolving world of retail. Martin's exceptional content, and in particular, his unique perspective and retail insights received very positive feedback from our diverse group and Martin hit the mark with his engaging presentation style. Martin has the ability to understand and interpret the subtleties of what really matters and to communicate to the audience the attributes that make a truly world class retailer.As a retailer with a lifetime of experience this was praise indeed - thank you Ian”.
Ian Cornell, HR Westfield Shopping Centre Management.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your presentation to our conference was the highlight of the day and I’m sure we sent the delegates away in a very positive frame of mind – thinking about how the consumer chooses them (or doesn’t, as the case may be)… get such a large sector of New Zealand retailing focused on their businesses in a different and totally constructive way, certainly met the objectives of the conference.”
John Albertson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Retailers Association

"I truly enjoyed, and learned from, the session Martin led and would recommend him as a speaker to any organization seeking to shift their thinking and performance in the whole area of customer service and loyalty."
Stuart Fletcher, President, Diagio International

"Martin was both very informative in his talk but kept the audience interested by the injection of some great humor in his delivery... The ARA is a member of the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Association and as I was very impressed with Martin’s talk, I am suggesting to them that they might consider Martin as a speaker for their Singapore conference in October 2011."
Russell Zimmerman, boss of the Australian Retailers Association

Martin was a delightful speaker – interesting, engaging and witty – and was most appreciated by the 100+ students who filled the lecture hall to capacity....Many students were already familiar with his first book – ‘People Don’t Buy What You Sell, They Buy What You Stand For’ as we strongly recommend it on the reading lists on our courses. We have no hesitation is recommending him as a speaker to you.
Heather Pickard is Director of Programmes for BA (Hons) Fashion Management at the world famous London College of Fashion

"Martin's speech at Montreux was very positively received and provided some real insights on what, to a lot of the detergent industry, appears the ‘black art’ of retailing. It was delivered in a commanding, highly professional way from someone who is clearly a highly respected, knowledgeable and experienced retail expert."
David Duncan has, for many years, served on the Executive Committee on the World Conference for Detergents.

"Martin has at his fingertip, a wealth of examples from the retail industry that keeps his audience looking for the next inspirational snippet."
Alexandra Uhlmann, who is the Client and Programme Director at the world famous Ashridge Business School

"Martin Butler takes a creative personal style and weaves impactful content into the ways he works his audience. He is highly interactive and he quite literally has people in the palm of his hand. They walk away from his sessions inspired to do something differently... I do not hesitate to endorse Martin to you and would ask that you contact me if you need any further information."
Chris Matchan, Visiting Executive Fellow at Henley Business School, Associate Tutor at Warwick University Business School and Tutor at Maastricht

"The fact that Martin was invited to such a prestigious event year after year is testament to just what an outstanding job he consistently did. He is an inspirational marketer and is equally skilled communicating to top execs as he is to middle managers....I have no hesitation recommending him to any organisation lucky enough to secure his services."
Stan Kaufman, Oxford University Summer School, Keble College on behalf of the BSSA

"Martin provides an inspiring, insightful and captivating viewpoint from Global Retail Leaders.  I have no hesitation in recommending Martin as a speaker who will make a difference and provide insights that have applications for 21st century retailers." 
Jack Hanrahan: Westfield Shopping Centre's global retail tours - 40 or so top level retailers scouring the world for best practice and innovation. 

"I would strongly recommend Martin Butler to anyone looking for a speaker to stir up and excite a management team by providing a window into what makes the best retailers successful.
Tom Hayhoe, Chairman: The Chambers Retail Consultancy