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Key Points for Michael Margolis

  • 15 years experience across 34 industries, advising the world’s leading companies
  • Author of the Amazon #1 best-seller, Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators
  • Michael’s work has been featured in Fast Company, TIME, and Inc Magazine
  • Michael advises many top leaders on messaging and strategic initiatives for clients such as Google, Deloitte, Facebook, NASA, and Greenpeace
  • Twitter’s #1 voice on #Storytelling, with over 250,000 followers
  • The Stories We Choose To Live - TEDxFurmanU 2014

Topics for Michael Margolis

  • Get Your Story Straight: How to Humanize Your Product, Service, or Design
    People don’t buy your product or service, they buy the story that’s attached to it. So it’s best not to start with the data. Because despite the facts on your side, people don’t always believe the numbers. So where should you start? How do you capture the imagination? What creates empathy and relevance? Especially when your product is disruptive, world-changing, or challenges the status quo. Discover what makes a story believable, when inventing the future. 
  • The Future of… Storytelling and the Changing Face of our Industry
    How do we better communicate the role and value of our industry in a changing world? What is the future of our field? As professionals in service to others, we often forget to claim our own voice and story. Yet if we don’t tell the story, we’re letting others tell it for us. So what are effective ways for us to tell the story, both personally and collectively? 

  • Change You Can Believe In : Storytelling Strategies for Large-Scale Change Adoption
    So how do we make sense of this transformational change for our organization? And more importantly, how do we communicate this change to all of our people, teams, and stakeholders? How do we address the fear, disbelief, and resistance that comes with any big change?

Testimonials for Michael Margolis

Michael was one of the top-rated keynotes at our conference! He made a big impression with our audience and got rave reviews for his Masterclass and panel discussion. He has a provocative message that really resonated with all the product managers, design thinkers, and digital innovators who attend our events.
Andre Marquet
CEO, Productized Conference 

An amazing day! The programme was insightful, practical and pragmatic. Michael has a great way of focusing your attention on what is important to refine your story. This is an art, that he makes accessible to all. I got great insight into how story grounds us, connects us and gives us faith in the future. The man is genius.
Anna Campbell
Chief People Officer, The Warehouse Group

A best-in-class story sherpa. Through coaching with Michael I’ve experienced immediate results as co-founder of a maverick venture in the music business. We quickly got the story of our value prop, and how to speak about it in an intriguing way.
Gary W. Goldstein
Former Hollywood Film Producer, Pretty Woman