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Key Points for Mike Lough

  • Mike Lough is the Founder of Futurist Inc. a business coaching and training organisation.
  • Has predicted several core technology market trends and shares his insights as to how you can identify them yourself.
  • He will share his secrets that deliver massive sales and customer growth in days not months.
  • Delivers powerful workshops to give participants a ground breaking new sales message and strategy to deliver immediate business growth.



Topics for Mike Lough

  • The next wave of digital innovation, and how to catch it
  • How to be different and stand out in the marketplace
  • Understand Why you are in business, and not just what you do
  • New technological breakthroughs and what they mean
  • Marketing starts within any organisation
  • The mobile future
  • Privacy, the biggest issue of our generation
  • What medical innovations mean for patients
  • Life expectancy breakthroughs in our lifetime

Testimonials for Mike Lough

Mike ran a very productive session with our staff exploring who we are as an organisation, what we offer and why. This got team members articulating their understanding of our collective beliefs and values in their own way, which served to strengthen our unity as an organisation as well as appreciate one another more for our varied contributions to the business. The process created a stronger platform from which to envision new service opportunities.
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