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Key Points for Mimi Kwa

  • Mimi Kwa has been on our television screens for 20 years as a newsreader, journalist, programme host and presenter. She has read live news bulletins beamed to 40 countries, as well as News24, and Virgin in flight entertainment.
  • She was the first Asian presenter on National Nine News obtaining exclusive interviews with Serena Williams, Russel Crowe, Ralph Schumacher, Pearce Brosnan and Kylie Minogue.
  • Mimi is a BMW ambassador. She has presented for NAB, Coles, Specsavers, Victorian Parliament, Schweppes, Paspaly, Blackmores and the VRC.
  • Mimi has conducted media training with Westpac, Kennedy Luxury Brands and celebrities appearing on The Block and Married at First sight.
  • Aside from TV and communications Mimi has personal experience in mental health and wellbeing caring for a schizophrenic parent.
  • Author of House of Kwa, a memoir detailing her journey with a chronically ill parent as well as charting the story of her migrant father and his 32 brothers and sisters, published 2021.

Topics for Mimi Kwa

  • Conscious communication
    In a world hard wired for connection, conscious communication is the proven method for resonating with customers and teams. The only way to be heard and find loyalty in today’s media storm, is to master this. Mimi uses extensive professional and personal experience to engage and inspire audiences to understand the new era of transparency and trust and answers the question: How can I make my personal and corporate brand be seen, heard and believed?   
    Tell your story
  • Stories swirl around us every minute of the day. Instagram, Facebook, television and billboard advertising, news, films, books and magazines. This is because facts without a cohesive story are boring and forgettable. So doesn’t it make sense to get your own story right? Mimi is an expert story teller. She uses extensive experience in television media and personal and corporate branding to teach how to use who you are to be better.
    Modern resilience
  • Resilience, self-belief, overcoming adversity and facing trauma are strong inspirational themes in Mimi’s candid account of a life fighting for inclusion, diversity and equality.  Mimi’s memoir The 32nd Child charts her father’s life as one of 32 brothers and sisters, and also her life with a chronically ill mother. Mimi shines light into the darkest corners to find forgiveness, acceptance, enlightenment, and fulfilment, showing us there are many roads to happiness. Mimi has had an extraordinary television career for over 20 years, putting thousands of stories to air. But when Mimi turns the magnifying glass on her own story it's the most compelling of all.
    After dinner stories
  • Mimi has an array of entertaining tales to tell from 20 years in media. Just ask her about Russell Crowe, Chopper Reid or Serena Williams.
  • Master of Ceremonies

Testimonials for Mimi Kwa

Mimi, as usual, was wonderful. She is a great MC/Facilitator, an incredible speaker and really takes charge of the conversation (which is perfect!). 
Monash University

Mimi Kwa hosted and MC'd our virtual Monash Tech Talk on Agile Nations: Recovering in a pandemic in 2020. All event participants and panelists have been giving glowing feedback about her energy, dynamism and grace in drawing out interesting points on an incredibly complex topic. Personally, I loved the way Mimi encouraged engagement and wove personal experiences into discussion about agility during a tumultuous time such as COVID – which is what being an MC is all about. Mimi's passion for change was infectious and she was incredibly flexible, friendly and easy to work with. Mimi - We learned so much from working with you and would love to do it again. We can't wait to work with you again in the future.
Senior Events Coordinator
Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University

Mimi Kwa has real presence and is an absolute professional. Mimi's role at NAB was to be the 'voice' of the business banker and her performance was consistently strong. I have no hesitation in recommending Mimi for any role she applies for.

Mimi Kwa and I have trained together from one side of Australia to the other. She is one of the best presenters in the country and always great to work with. Mimi is thoroughly professional, friendly, informed and focused on results.