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Key Points for Nick Bowditch

  • Nick Bowditch is a storytelling expert. Storytelling is really another way of describing effective communication. Every person and every business needs to keep improving the effectiveness of their communication, by continuing to improve their storytelling skills.
  • Storytelling is the most under-rated, yet most powerful business skill anyone can have in 2018. Stories are compelling, engaging, persuasive, and great for sales, marketing, advertising, and business growth.
  • As Australia's storytelling expert, Nick gives audiences both new skills to tell stories better, and the confidence to take away what he shows them and start telling stories better straight away.
  • Nick demonstrates the power of story by sharing lots of his own stories, both personal and business ones.
  • As the only person in the world to tell stories for both Facebook and Twitter as a manager in their marketing teams, he has immense credibility as a storyteller in the modern online era.
  • Nick's strengths as a speaker are that he is genuine, authentic, entertaining and truly unique. He impacts his audiences in ways very few speakers can, as he shares sometimes very personal insights and life lessons he has discovered.

Topics for Nick Bowditch

  • Hot to build a winning online and social media strategy
    The world is changing fast. In a world where every single day we produce more content than from the beginning of time to 2003, and where 1 in 5 things that will be typed into Google today have never been typed into Google before, you could be forgiven for needing a bit of guidance for your online and social media strategy. This presentation is mind-blowing, challenging and fun.
  • My mental illness is a gift
    This was Nick’s TEDx talk where he talked about the things that make him different mentally (depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction) are the very same things that make him who he is. He has run away from and hidden these things his whole life, but now Nick chooses to embrace them. In this presentation, he talks about how these things (that some people would label character flaws of defects,) are his superpowers. This is an empowering and challenging presentation.
  • The art of telling your personal and organisation's business story
    Storytelling is the single most effective business asset a person can have. This presentation details how we as humans have evolved in telling our stories. From Nick’s proud heritage of Aboriginal Australians and the Dreamtime stories, right through to stories now being told at scale to the masses on Facebook. How well YOU tell your story and the story of your brand can make all the difference to the future success of you and your organisation.
  • Nick as an MC
    One of the hardest things about putting a conference, seminar, or event together, is finding the right person to bring all the moving parts together and make it seamless, professional, and entertaining, without having to make the event all about them.

    Secure the services of an MC that is approachable, relatable and engaging. Someone who understands it’s your event, can keep things moving without sounding rushed. Someone with experience in holding the attention of audiences for a living. Nick has hosted big conferences, smaller boutique events, seminars, symposiums, sporting events like boxing nights and sporting franchise home game days, and he would love to help make your big event run smoothly too.

Testimonials for Nick Bowditch

Having worked with Nick on numerous occasions, I can absolutely guarantee that he delivers on his promise. Audiences love him. he calls it as he sees it and I have absolute admiration and respect for his speaking “kick-assedness’. Book Nick and every expectation that you have will be exceeded - and your audience will have a blast.
Andrew Griffiths
Speaker and best-selling author

Energetic and natural.
PIT Group

Nick really knows what he’s talking about and how to talk about it.
Club Plus Super

Honest, engaging & entertaining. Each time I have heard Nick speak, I have walked away with purpose and an action plan.
Woohoo Salons

Easy to listen to. Nick was a real standout. Intelligent. Funny. Authentic.

Authentic, intelligent, amusing and very giving of his time & knowledge. Always happy to answer questions and gives an honest response. If you look around a room when Nick’s speaking you will notice he has the audiences undivided attention, the content is always that good! Love hearing him speak whenever we get the chance
Eon Digital

As real as any speaker I have ever met. We connected at a totally different level. Can’t fault this guy.
Bidz Direct

I saw Nick speak at the Traffic and Conversion Summit – loved his presentation – great content, funny and entertaining, and his trademark thongs!
Cleaning Marketer

Nick is very genuine and authentic…right down to his footwear!
FIFO Families

I have seen Nick present twice and he is very engaging and a great storyteller. Was captivated the whole time.
Eating Disorder Recovery Hub

Nick has thought leader status with his knowledge and the way he presents his topic connects very well with the listener, engaging them to get the most out of what he has to give
EMB Strategies

Fantastic presenter, great content, gave excellent tips that delivered immediate improvements and results.
Townsville Business Development Centre

Nick knows his stuff and you won’t find a more informed speaker and innovative thinker. I’ve had Nick present at several of my events over the past 4 years and put simply – Nick Rocks!
Terri Cooper Events

Exhilarating and entertaining. Knowledge in abundance.

Authenticity and great story telling are the message! Inspiring speaker and valuable content.
Weightloss Solutions

How would I describe Nick Bowditch? The REAL DEAL – Genuine, authentic, entertaining and delivers 100% usable rich-content – wrapped up in a hilarious delivery without even trying! A True Aussie legend that could dominate any world stage!

You are a 5-star speaker because of how you effect the audience. They laugh and connect with you every step of the way. You are genuine, have loads of stories, get people thinking and most importantly, leave people feeling inspired that they can be a success in the online space no matter how much experience they have!
Autopilot Your Business

If you want your audience to hear from someone authentic, engaging, humorous and has walked the talk…Nick Bowditch is your man!! Great speaker, great person!

He has some great insights into how the two biggest social networks in the world work.
Just Social Media

Want to see one of the best story tellers in the world completely mesmerise your audience? Nick Bowditch is the authority. Not only does he engage people on a deep level, but he always leaves us inspired to be better, do amazing things, and make the world a better place.