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Key Points for Peter Sheahan

  • Acclaimed globally for his expertise in anticipating and responding to changing market behaviour, Peter Sheahan is a best-selling author and international speaker with a reputation for transforming organisations by turning traditional paradigms on their head, inspiring innovative business thinking and creating lasting change.
  • He is able to identify areas of untapped potential within organisations, develop the thought processes and skills required to convert that potential into results, and then engage the key individuals to make it a reality.
  • Peter's original perspectives on the changing nature of workforce trends, labour and consumer markets, and strategies for responding to these changes influence the strategy of market leading organisations including News Corporation, Google, Coca-Cola and Ernst & Young.
  • His trademark provocative style and unique insights are heralded for shifting the mindsets of leaders out of the world as it used to exist and into the world as it exists today.

Topics for Peter Sheahan

  •  Make it happen
    • Expose the #1 mistake we make when trying to execute on our ideas
    • Unpack the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience offering insight into how people buy and show you how to better position your offer to align with buyers needs
    • Influence a buyer to not only want what you sell, but to want it from YOU
    • Show you how to leverage personal brands for greater commercial success
    • Massively accelerate your impact through scale, leverage and brand platform

  • Minds unleashed –Interactive experiences which drew the ideas out of you OWN people
    • Reveal innovative solutions to real challenges you face
    • Give you access to the experience and insight garnered from working with leadership teams around the world to kick start and provoke the thinking of your team
    • Create an opportunity to question the very assumptions which underpin your approach to business and to dig deeper and reveal new ways to find and extract value from your organization

  • Next gen profits – Attract, engage and profit from the next generation of customers and talent
    • Give you insight into the REAL differences between generations
    • Outline specific strategies for attracting and engaging Gen Y as customers and/or staff
    • Present case studies from around the world of organizations who have profitably engaged this new generation
    • Move beyond “technology” hype and focus on opportunities which align with your desired culture and business model

  • Flip!: Future -proof your operation 
    • How the four forces of change are impacting your industry and what it means for your organization
    • The expectations and motivations of today’s customers and staff and an insight into where they will sit tomorrow
    • Why you no longer own your brand and how you can flip it to your advantage
    • Co-creation and the importance of collaborating with your clientele, competitors and the wider market
    • Why the superficial differentiators are becoming front and centre
    • Capturing market share, and creating new markets through innovation and a willingness to take risks in fringe and niche markets

  • Building an awesome employer brand 
    • Present the case for building an employer brand and offer a compelling series of inter-industry case studies to show just how powerful a strategically positioned employer brand can be
    • Provide you with a model so you can begin to discover your value proposition and start defining your employer brand
    • Give you ideas on how to market that brand in both the local and wider community, setting yourself on the path to becoming an employer of choice
    • Increase your understanding of the changing nature of the American workforce, and what you as a leader need to do to ensure your organisation remains agile, relevant and attractive in this increasingly competitive market.


Testimonials for Peter Sheahan

Peter spoke to our 70 most senior leaders about the impact that Generation Y's will have on our culture, leadership and work processes in the coming 3-5 years. He's dynamic, engaging and fun. He uses non-threatening metaphors, and enables people to see things in a new way. He interacts superbly with all ages and styles of managers and enables them to confront their own biases and blind spots. An extremely effective speaker, who I strongly recommend.
Westpac Banking Corporation

I just returned from the Fuji Xerox conference and I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Congratulations on such a motivating speech.
Fuji Xerox

Peter's vibrant energetic style engaged the Ericsson team to think about thriving and surviving with Generation Y. He is living proof of Generation Y and turns it on!

Thank you for an entertaining and informative workshop. It was excellent, you are a great engaging presenter.
Brentnalls SA

Not only was Peter entertaining but he was able to communicate with staff of all ages, giving 30 of our most promising staff valuable tools to take away and make a part of their work and personal lives.
Woolworths Limited

Peter clearly spent a great deal of time researching CPA Australia and as a result we were rewarded with an insightful and inspiring presentation that was specifically tailored to our audience. I have heard many motivational speeches but none of them have left such a lasting impression on me as Peter's.
CPA Australia

Peter's approach and delivery of "Presenting for a Generation Y Audience" was as motivational as it was practical. The mix of theory, based on Peter's research and wealth of experience, combined with a healthy dose of practice worked a treat. Even though each of the participants had a different style and different story to tell, Peter was able to give each of us that bit of inspiration that we needed to take our individual presentations to the next level.
University of Southern Queensland

Peter Sheahan presented at the New Apprenticeships Centre’s Marketing Forum in August 2004 on Generation Y. All the participants said his presentation was exceptionally informative and worthwhile. Peter provided insights into this largely diverse target group and expertly conveyed his message of how we can best communicate the benefits of New Apprenticeships to this generation both as an employer and a client.
Department of Education Science & Training

Your insights and anecdotes offered real inspiration for our Queensland managers, and feedback following the event has been extremely positive
Australian Institute of Management