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Key Points for Phill Nosworthy

  • Phill Nosworthy is an executive advisor, futurist, speaker and author on making business and life meaningful.
  • He is the founder of Switch L+D, a digital-first learning and development practice that gives anyone, anywhere the same level of career development.
  • He has mentored and coached C-suite executives, world champion athletes and globally celebrated artists and entertainers in the lifestyle of meaning.
  • His clients include Apple, ING, Universal Music and the Commonwealth Bank and Fortune listed companies worldwide.

Topics for Phill Nosworthy

  • Convergence
    Closing the 5 gaps between you and world class

    Through intimate conversations, and room-wide dialogue, one thing has become abundantly clear: the difference between the world’s top talent and ‘the rest of us’ is not as great as you might think.

    We have identified 5 gaps that when closed, will dramatically improve the results, impact and quality of life for anyone prepared to do the work.

    With this session, we aim to highlight these 5 gaps, and show with pragmatic simplicity how they can be closed in such a way that triggers growth, career acceleration and extraordinary results.

    Key takeaways
    • Getting the results that your knowledge and insights deserve
    • How to find your confidence and courage
    • How to build a career and life you're proud of
    • Learn the difference between effort and perception of effort
    • Take action on your intentions

  • The meaning makers
    A path to finding mastery, fulfilment and purpose at work

    Drawing on exclusive interviews with notable performers, cutting edge insights from the fields of psychology and sociology along with tales from myth, the subject of meaning will be explored and distilled, offering a roadmap for how to manufacture a deep and resonant sense of meaning in one’s own life.

    In brief, people are happier, healthier, more fulfilled when the following pillars of meaning are in full swing in their life and work.

    Key takeaways
    • Learn about getting good at what you do and taking charge of how you do it
    • Discover the purpose in work
    • How connection and contribution are critical to our personal and professional wellbeing
    • Why challenging yourself and making an impact gives incredible results

  • Make it count
    A playbook for levelling up in work, leadership and life

    Most people never reap the rewards of living their full potential.

    This series is an opportunity to help people step a little more into that potential by sharing the lessons that we’ve learnt from a decade spent teaching some of the world’s top performers at the most incredible organisations on the planet.

    A guide and a playbook for the modern professional, these sessions are designed to help people to take control of their career and to make it count.

    Key takeaways
    • Learn to cultivate the critical skill of self-awareness
    • How to create routines & rituals that will improve your personal and professional performance
    • Find your internal grit and tough it out when talent isn't enough
    • Why talent stacking is the key to optimising you career trajectory

Testimonials for Phill Nosworthy

Phil was an absolute delight to work with and an incredible operator.  Loved him and he was one of the highlights of the event.  His content was relevant to everyone in the room, he was engaging in the way he presented and he was on point.  A genuine nice guy!

Phill Nosworthy is one of those ridiculously rare, totally switched on, intelligent, giving souls that we meet a few times in a lifetime.
Founder & CEO
Collective Hub

I can’t thank you enough for all of your coaching, support and encouragement. You have made a difference in my life – my confidence and how I show up.
Global HR Director

Utterly world-class. Phill is a subject matter expert in behavior change, program design, branding, storytelling, and narrative creation and has a unique ability to fuse big picture thinking and abstract ideas with practical insight and advice. I can think of few in the same class as Phill.
CCO & Co-Founder
Karrikins Group Global

Inspired. That is the word I would use to describe how Phill left our audience. Not in the way so many are inspired for the moment and walk away and do nothing. They were truly inspired - to shift their thinking and motivate real change. We could have searched the globe and I still believe that we could not have found anyone more ideal to convey the message of purpose to our clients and prospects.
Sr Brand Strategist
Littlefield USA

Phil is a true professional. He is highly intuitive - cutting to the chase, capturing people’s thoughts, feelings and ideas quickly and translating those into strategic pathways for growth. 
His ability to simplify action and provoke reflection is second to none.
Golden Door Elysia

Phill has a knack for getting inside your head and helping your realise your potential. One of today's most succinct, honest and wildly creative influencers, he has a gift for connecting people with their own ideas.
Maz Compton
Radio Host, Author & Speaker

I still go back to my notes constantly for motivation and inspiration. Since then, I've had the privilege of meeting with and briefing Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. It was your teachings that made that possible.
R.K. Management Lead
(Fortune 500 company)

Was there ever a more dynamic speaker to grace a world stage? What a phenomenally gifted mind. Phill’s ability to communicate and simplify (big ideas) and make (them) relevant for any industry is mind blowing. We were privileged to have him present to our real estate franchise recently and his gift was apparent to all in the audience. We hope to work with Phill again in the very near future.
Stockdale & Leggo

Phill is one of those gifted individuals that has the power to get folks to stop, think and change their behavior. He makes it fun, he makes it tangible, he’s a great leader and coach
Chief of Staff

I am yet to finalise the evaluations however it appears that some attendees decided to rate you 10 out of 5. My favourite feedback regarding your session was “I took 4 pages of notes, and not because he told me to!"
Disability Services Australia

Thank you for delivering an exceptional session and hosting our most senior executives. Your knowledge of the audience, your passion and your commitment to serving others comes through in all you do.

They were truly inspired - to shift their thinking and motivate real change. We could have searched the globe and I still believe that we could not have found anyone more ideal.
Littlefield USA