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Key Points for Robyn Moore

  • Robyn's presentations are tailored to your Brief as well as being designed to:
    Re-ENGAGE your delegates/staff with their whole LIFE!
    Their Vocation/Job, Business, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community…Themselves!
  • Re-ALIGN delegates/staff with the Vision, Values and Goals of the company or their business.
  • Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours…attendees access personal responsibility and self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.
  • Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.
  • Re-MIND your audience about what "really mattered before the circumstances changed everything!"  They get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again…and the desire to pass this onto their staff, team, customers and their families.
  • Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times.
  • Named Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to charitable organisations, and to the performing arts, 2021.

Topics for Robyn Moore

  • Change management
    There are speakers who deliver information about CHANGE. There are speakers who share their inspiring stories about how their life has CHANGED. Many people want to CHANGE their circumstances but don’t want to CHANGE themselves. Robyn Moore gets her audiences to see their own opinions, attitudes and behaviours so they can CHANGE what doesn’t work and access what does work…at work and at home. She also shifts people's experience and appreciation of the work they they can be in ACTION and participate more fully in life, no matter what CHANGES...POLICIES...or CIRCUMSTANCES are coming at them during challenging times! Clients and audiences in all sectors report remarkable “cut-through” results that are long lasting!
  • All education sectors
    There are speakers who speak about education! There are speakers who share their inspiring stories. Robyn Moore is a speaker who changes peoples' experience and appreciation of the privileged work they do in Education...and gets them into ACTION and "back into their lives" (at work and home) no matter what CHANGES...POLICIES...or CIRCUMSTANCES are coming at them during these challenging times!   Robyn Moore changes the attitudes, behaviours and LIVES of Educational Leaders, Teachers and Support Staff, so they not only fulfill their own potential, but also become "the significant person" in students' lives …so the students are also inspired to seize their full potential!
  • Wellness
    There are speakers who deliver information ABOUT Wellness and Mental Health. There are speakers who share their personal stories about Mental Health… Robyn Moore enables her audiences to get greater access to RESILIENCE, WELL-BEING and WORK-HOME BALANCE which all profoundly affect their MENTAL HEALTH at Work and at Home. Many of Robyn’s clients list “Wellness” as one of the OUTCOMES they want for their staff, delegates or guests. Her “Tailored” transformational presentations change peoples’ experience and appreciation of their Work, their Family and their Life, so they experience more satisfaction… no matter what CHANGES, POLICIES or CIRCUMSTANCES are coming at them, during changing and challenging times! Robyn’s audiences report feeling energized, rejuvenated and refreshed after her talks, because they start to LIVE the shifts they’ve experienced. This helps people in Australian businesses, organisations, families and communities to restore laughter, optimism and “Wellness” ongoingly.

Testimonials for Robyn Moore

Robyn was very engaging and helpful. I feel she went well beyond what I was expecting and asking for. Her messages resonated. 

We have had Robyn speak to our Year 12 students for many years. The fact that we invite her back is a clear sign that we feel she is fantastic in this context – the students love her. Again as before, Robyn was a wonderful presenter – very professional and engaging with a simple but very poignant message for our students.
Hunter Valley Grammar School

Everyone loved her. Robyn was lovely, upbeat and unique. It was a pleasure doing business with Robyn.
Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong

Robyn absolutely shone throughout her presentation. She took us on an amazing learning journey of self-discovery and the outcome was extraordinary.  Without question Robyn nailed the brief and I can’t wait for her to join us again next year.
Hire and Rental Industry Association

Robyn was absolutely fantastic. Her positive energy was contagious and she had everyone in the room absolutely captivated. We cant wait to see her again!
Local Government Professionals SA

Robyn is always rated our number 1 speaker by both staff and students for a very good reason – she is totally engaging, and knows how to enthral and also offer really good strategies. It is always lovely that she stays back after the session to talk with students – and so many queue up to see her.
Hunter Valley Grammar School

Wonderful, humourous, intelligent, authentic.
Redbank School

EXCELLENT - BEYOND EXCELLENT - EXTRAORDINARY.  Robyn has the unbelievable power of the word - she gives us more than words - she imparts her beautiful power into our very hearts and souls and we leave with a much greater knowledge of ourselves.
Rotary District 9830

Excellent - Phenomenal – Robyn’s presentation was a highlight of the conference. She challenged, engaged and inspired to take the delegates on an assuming (and emotional) journey.

Students loved her (especially grade 7-9).  Parents and Staff loved her.
Dalby State High School

We have had Robyn speak to our students I think on 6 occasions now – she is always a huge hit, and presents so well. She is one of the best presenters I have ever seen in action. What she says reaches her audience who engage with her 100% for the 90 minutes. She changes her presentation as appropriate, and spends time with the students afterwards who always seek her out to talk to.
Hunter Valley Grammar School

Robyn was sensational.  She read the audience so well and delivered just what we needed – hope, joy, wonderment, optimism.  Robyn changed lives today. Thank you seems almost too little to say.
Weengallon Pink Ladies Day

Robyn was excellent!
Mission Australia Early Learning

Robyn is perspicacious and engaging and inspiring – all the feels! Superdooper motivating and memorable. Cannot use enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation for Robyn and all her characters and stories. The cr*p attack and life audit tools galvanized everyone together as a cohesive team. No flat lining here at MCC! “The best week zero in all my years teaching”
Robyn – you are extraordinary xo
Mannum Community College

Robyn was excellent.  Feedback from everyone I have spoken to about the conference has been extremely positive.  Robyn was truly engaging and entertaining and provided a fantastic session that was motivating and was tailored to our members.  Great job!
NSW SES Volunteers Association

Robyn stepped into the conference at the last minute as a replacement and was outstanding. She really connected with the delegates and increased their enjoyment of the conference.