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Key Points for Samantha Jackson

  • Having never publically endorsed a person or product in his entire career, Mel Gibson recorded a video promoting Samantha Jackson as his personal Health Coach.
  • Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt, having saved millions of dollars in operational costs for HBF, Commonwealth/Bank West, Bupa and government organisations.
  • Achieved success in roles of EM, GM, Group-EGM, and CEO … without ever having a university degree.
  • Masterchef contestant – 2011 (this one will be purely for laughs!).
  • Completed Year 12 at school at the age of 15, receiving top student for physics, human bio and chemistry … after missing 8 months of school from life threatening illness (liver failure).
  • Was told she was going to die, then was told she would never life a ‘normal’ life. She was told she would never have her own children. She was told she would always be ‘sickly’ … all completely wrong!


Topics for Samantha Jackson

  • Health, exercise and nutrition
    What it means to be truly healthy and why you shouldn’t diet.
  • Healthy mind healthy body
    The most underprescribed anti-depressant is exercise, so why don’t we use it?
  • Making Insulin your friend
    Eating more in the right way instead of cutting calories balances your blood sugar and makes insulin work for you, not against you.
  • Be bold, be brave, take chances
    Taking action in a moment of paralysing fear far outweighs the terror of regretting the chance you didn’t take.
  • Just because you’re told no, doesn’t mean you can’t
    Obstacles don’t just get in your path – they are you path. Work around them.
  • Boosting up your back end – optimising your business processes with Lean and Six Sigma
    If you make your business efficient before effective you’re just making rubbish processes go really fast.

Testimonials for Samantha Jackson

Samantha Jackson was invited to be a key-note speaker at The CEO Institute’s CEO Summit in January of this year. She was approached as her message needs to be heard, and she has the presentation style and charisma to present to a room full of CEOs, business owners and high-level executives. She did not let herself or The CEO Institute down. The feedback from those in attendance was outstanding. The response was highly positive regarding content and presentation style. It was a pleasure to have Samantha as a key-note presenter. Her contribution to the success of the Summit was significant. You do not receive feedback as positive and glowing unless the substance is substantial.
CEO Institute

AMAZING!!!! Great presentation and really engaged with the audience. Plus took the time to answer people’s questions.

City of Stirling