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Key Points for Siimon Reynolds

  • Siimon Reynolds co-founded Photon Group, which in 8 years grew to a staff of 6000, becoming the 15th largest marketing services company in the world consisting of 52 companies in 14 countries.
  • He has won over 50 industry and business awards.
  • He has consulted to numerous hundred millionaires and several billionaires.
  • He has mentored over 1000 CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

Topics for Siimon Reynolds

  • Advanced productivity - How to empower individuals to get big things done fast
    The defining characteristic of all elite executives is that they can get things done. In today’s business environment where speed is paramount and tangible results are absolutely demanded, the ability to execute is massively important. In this powerful keynote, Siimon presents a fascinating series of methods that will dramatically improve any persons output.

  • Lightning leadership -Fast tracking leadership capability in today’s high-speed business world
    There is immense pressure on leaders today. Timelines have collapsed and complexity has risen, creating enormous challenges for the modern leader. In response, Siimon has developed a model called ‘Lightning Leadership’, that can be used to increase decision speed and hugely lift a company’s output.

    In business today, it’s not the big who eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow. Lightning Leadership is the solution for today’s tumultuous business world.

  • The mind of an elite leader - How the world’s best executives think and behave
    Based on deep research on the world’s best performing executives, this presentation reveals exactly how great executives think and act. Siimon shows that no matter what the industry, top level leaders share a surprisingly similar way of thinking. By adopting these mental filters and high-performance paradigms, he shows your team how to lift their own performance to a stellar level.

  • Future leadership - What the world’s most successful leaders will be like in 20 years
    The only way to dominate in business is to consistently perform at higher a level than the competition. That means moving from competition to ‘Surpetition’- literally doing things that other corporate leaders are not even aware of. In this ground breaking keynote, Siimon reveals an arsenal of cutting-edge techniques currently used by elite military units and pro level sports stars that will in 20 years be used by all leading executives to perform at the highest level.

Testimonials for Siimon Reynolds

Really powerful stuff. Some really great tactics. You’ve made a real difference.
Aussie Home Loans

The audience was truly wowed!
Non Surgical Symposium

You were fantastic. You really helped our franchisees.
Ella Bache

A fluent, brilliant speech that has won great feedback. You certainly had them engaged.
Russell Reynolds Associates

Our team was truly inspired by your speech... we have had a lot of positive feedback from attendees on the night.
Double Edge PR

The lunch was a huge success due largely to your entertaining presentation. Thanks for a very productive afternoon.
Pinnacle Business Solutions

We have received wonderful feedback from attendees and I believe there is a Siimon Reynolds fan club establishing...
Ballina CEO Forum

Siimon is a great mind and a spellbinding speaker.
McGrath Partners Real Estate