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Key Points for Steve Tighe

  • A compelling speaker on the future, strategy and innovation, Steve is renowned for his clever use of metaphors, images and case studies, taking his audience on a virtual journey into the future.
  • He is recognised for his engaging and thought-provoking presentations that provide a unique perspective on how our changing environment is influencing future consumer attitudes, wants and needs.
  • Steve's novel approach to thinking about the future provides original insights which enable his audience to anticipate the future, slow down change and improve their decision making.
  • As a practicing futurist, Steve’s presentations reveal the future directions for your industry, providing an understanding of the drivers of change, and the opportunities ahead for your business.

Topics for Steve Tighe

  • Anticipating the future
    Get a head start on your competitors by learning the techniques futurists use to anticipate the future. In this presentation, Steve demystifies the complexity of the future by outlining his methods for anticipating issues and opportunities before they emerge. Using relevant and topical case studies, Steve outlines a logical and engaging approach for anticipating the future to empower his audience to foresee the changes ahead in their industry. 
  • Emerging social and consumer trends
    Position your business for future success by understanding what’s ahead. In this presentation Steve outlines the most significant trends that will impact your business in the future. Applying his unique foresight talents, Steve uncovers the underlying forces shaping your industry’s future and shows how these drivers will affect your future operations, and the future opportunities ahead for your business.
  • Planning and innovating for the future
    Take control of your business future by becoming an agile and foresight-ful organisation. Drawing upon his unique blend of corporate and consulting expertise, Steve outlines the necessary steps to embedding a foresight culture in your organisation.  

Testimonials for Steve Tighe

Great content from Steve, but also gave his views on where things were potentially heading. So from that perspective it came across to the audience as a keynote speaker should!

Great relevant presentation for an industry in transition and looking for whats next. Steve was briefed and across our industry. Feedback from participants was very positive.
Visual Connections Australia Ltd.

Excellent – Steve was exceptional in tailoring his presentation to suit both the large number of small business people and the members of the Beenleigh Yatala Junior Chamber of Commerce and from the comments of attendees after the event, gave participants some really challenging concepts on how to successfully position themselves for the future. 
Logan City Council

Steve Tighe is one of those rare presenters who take you on an innovation journey - darting you into the past and then back to the future. His masterful delivery of insights sneaks up on you, nudging you to wake up to finally see the obvious. If you're a business leader who wants to know what's going on, or to recognise the signals before they become a trend, then Steve’s presentation is a must.
Logan Office of Economic Development

Steve’s ability to take a subject as broad as the evolution of Australian society, and how those changes can be related to the delivery of products and services in the future was amazing.
Easts Leagues Club

Steve captivated our audience and had their full attention from beginning to end. His dynamic presentation style assured our delegates they were in the right place at the right time.
Local Government Association of Queensland

Steve’s presentation to the Melbourne Business Awards breakfast was just brilliant. He totally engaged the audience of predominately small to medium sized manufacturers with his thought provoking analysis of what the future might hold. His knowledge and understanding of foresight and innovation gave him enormous credibility with the audience. His highly creative presentation was fast paced and humorous but with some very serious take home messages for the businesses in attendance. The feedback to the organising committee has been fantastic.
City of Kingston

Steve’s excellent presentation reinforced the importance of being systematic with our own marketing efforts. There can be no better advantage in business than to be in possession of valid foresight ahead of your competitors.
Total Concept Projects

Steve Tighe’s unique and creative presentation provided the perfect closing to our Conference. Steve has a profound knowledge of Foresight and Innovation, and his methodology for anticipating change was eagerly embraced by all of the delegates.
Leagues Clubs Australia

Fantastic...positive feedback received from delegates.  Steve's 'futuristic' take on things went down well with delegates. They also commented how refreshing it was to listen to someone from outside of their own industry; however was still relevant to what they were trying to achieve in their work.
Waldron Smith Management

Steve’s presentation was topical and very relevant to the day; it was well presented and very well received. In fact we have had several requests for a copy of the presentation which Steve has offered to provide.

“he participants found Steve enlightening, interesting and extremely thought-provoking. It was good to have someone outside our service organisation to really stimulate our thoughts and provide much rich food for thought and discussion. The group was really impressed with Steve's knowledge, foresight and the connections he used. A really outstanding speaker, many participants wanted to hear more and enter in discussion with Steve and each other.
Professional Development Day for Principals Victoria

The feedback from those who attended the conference has been extremely positive and many have claimed this to be our best ‘WIFS’ yet. Your participation in the seminar has helped ensure that our members have been able to benefit by your willingness to share your knowledge, experience and skill and we all appreciated the opportunity to meet and learn from you.
Women in Funeral Services

Steve’s thoughtful and impactful presentation catapulted the NAB Community Partnership & Sponsorship team beyond the paradigm in which they operate today, to a future where customers and communities grapple with new ‘social epidemics’ and demand new terms of engagement with governments, organisations and brands. Steve creates a meaningful perspective on the future through considered inputs and a creative process.
Spot Innovation