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Key Points for Susan Mackie

  • Susan lead the de Bono Institute as CEO and working with schools, community and business in making a difference.
  • Susan presented to the United Nations with Dr Edward de Bono
  • Susan currently with Prof Carol Dweck on bringing growth mindset tools and applications to each and every child.

Topics for Susan Mackie

  • Grit and growth for future fit resilience
  • Mindset - The journey to a growth mindset
    • Is your intelligent fixed?
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Meaningful strategic design
  • Power up your brain
  • Where do creative ideas come from?
  • Fostering better customer experiences through growth mindset

Testimonials for Susan Mackie

Susan Mackie was an excellent presenter on the topic "Growth Mindset". She is well qualified to speak on this topic and her presentation was practical, as it enabled each attendee to identify their "fixed mindset" as opposed to their "growth mindset" as well as to manage their mindset.
SDI Department
Sanitarium The Health Food Company

Great presentation, informative, lots of strategies, very professional. We received excellent feedback from our delegates.
Redbank School