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Key Points for Edgar Perez

  • Edgar is a global artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum computing expert as well as an author of financial technology titles published in English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • CEOs, directors and senior managers around the world seek out his authoritative insights on the role of modern technologies and finance in innovating and driving performance across organisations of all types.
  • Edgar has been featured by all major business networks and has spoken at twenty of the world’s financial capitals; he has presented to the Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Institutional Investor, CFA Singapore, Hong Kong Securities Institute, CME Group, Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management, among many other global institutions.
  • Previous roles included the vice president at Citibank, a senior consultant at IBM and a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co.

Topics for Edgar Perez

  • Meet the Blockchain’s newest hype machine: NFTs
    Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are virtual certificates built on blockchain technology. The blockchain offers a secure record of transactions, serving as an incorruptible proof of ownership. An oil painting can only be displayed in one place and has an identifiable owner. However, a digital image or video can be infinitely duplicated and enjoyed on screens around the world for free. NFTs offer today two things that the physical art market has always depended on: scarcity and authenticity. Therefore, “original” artworks and their owners can always be identified via the blockchain. NFTs can be sold or traded; often gaining value in the secondary market, so far. Should users jump on the NFT bandwagon? “Two words,” says Mr. Edgar Perez. “Be cautious.” Mr. Perez will explain why he thinks the current NFT mania might be obscuring the beginning of a bubble.
  • The Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs that are changing the digital world
    Artificial intelligence has been referred as the general ability of computers to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Through a comprehensive review of the latest artificial intelligence breakthroughs, Mr. Edgar Perez will offer his insights on how these advancements will impact businesses and the human race in general for years to come, and more specifically, how companies can leverage the plethora of available resources to start their digital transformation and implement solutions to problems that only a few years ago belonged to the realm of science fiction. Mr. Perez will reveal why artificial intelligence is the present and the future.
  • Advice for global organizations: Never let a crisis go to waste
    A “black swan” event of the magnitude of COVID-19 will certainly trigger a radical change in the expectations of business stakeholders. Organizations that reinvent themselves and leverage Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Blockchain to make the most of better insight and foresight will disproportionally stand to succeed. Online commerce could be turbocharged in ways that irreversibly reshape consumer behavior. Furthermore, the requirement of resilience trumps the everlasting pursuit of efficiency; potentially marking the end of supply-chain globalization. Mr. Edgar Perez will inspire CEOs not only to analyze weaknesses but also to discover opportunities to improve the performance of their organizations.
  • Achieving digital impact with “state-of-the-art” deep learning
    Deep learning has enabled many practical applications of artificial intelligence in today’s digital organizations. Deep learning breaks down tasks in ways that makes all kinds of machine aids seem possible, even likely. Driverless cars, better image recognition, more effective medical diagnoses, even better movie recommendations, are all here today. Mr. Edgar Perez will identify what organizations need to do today to embrace the future, starting with the basics: empowering their employees and turbocharging the organization’s digital transformation strategy. Once these two important tasks are accomplished, organizations can then launch pilots for the most promising opportunities, leveraging “state of the art” cases from today’s global innovators such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Tesla. Mr. Perez will show organizations how to kick start their digital impact transformation.
  • Is the global race to achieve quantum supremacy coming to an end?
    Google recently announced that their most advanced quantum computer, a radically new design to manipulate and process information, has achieved “quantum supremacy” for the first time. The technology giant's Sycamore quantum processor was able to perform an incredibly complex task in 200 seconds, a feat that would take the world's fastest supercomputers 10,000 years to complete. The ultimate development and commercialization of this technology will tremendously accelerate difficult tasks across all industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and the upcoming space exploration. Are we really there yet? Mr. Edgar Perez will enlighten your audience with the latest head-turning business applications of this revolutionary technology.
  • What the Boeing 737 groundings can teach us about technology and automation
    Only days after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the U.S. FAA grounded the Boeing 737 Max 8, joining airlines and governments worldwide in an effort to guarantee passenger safety, just months after the crash of Lion Air Flight 610 involved the same model. Reports point to Boeing’s new automated flight-control system, known as MCAS, as the culprit. However, an initial review of the design, certification and deployment process for the 737 MAX shows an over-reliance on untested technology, potential conflicts of interest between regulators and airlines, and lack of proper documentation and training. Is it still safe to fly? Mr. Edgar Perez will provide an insider’s look at how this dysfunctional process evolved, resulting in 346 casualties within five months, and what your organization can do to identify technology and operational challenges that can compromise its viability.
  • Neuro what? Neuromorphic computing and the quest to build an artificial brain
    Neuromorphic Computing (NC) attempts to emulate the human brain’s neural structure and operation with the goal to match a human's flexibility and ability to learn from unstructured stimuli with the energy efficiency displayed by our brain. NC has grown at the intersection of diverse research disciplines, including computational neuroscience, machine learning, microelectronics, and computer architecture, among others. It seeks to produce a cognition machine that not just reaches decisions, but memorizes information and even deduces facts. Mr. Edgar Perez will enthrall your audience with the possibilities created by computers that will behave as though they were originally engineered for the tasks they are executing, rather than as general-purpose computers taking their instructions from electronic programs somebody codified in advance.
  • The ultimate business disruptor: Quantum computing
    Classical computing was invented in the 1940s; the advent of Quantum Computing (QC) will make these computers look painfully slow. Calculations that would take longer than a human’s life span to work out on a classic computer can be completed in a matter of hours or minutes with QC. Furthermore, QC will enable solving a set of problems that couldn’t be solved before. QC’s benefits include efficiently simulating new drug molecules and dramatically reducing the time complex financial calculations take, among many others. For optimization, sampling or search problems, this promises dramatic speedups. Mr. Edgar Perez will entertain your audience while revealing why Quantum Computing will disrupt companies in every industry.
  • The importance of the cybersecurity framework for Directors and CEOs
    An email embedded with malware. Security systems hacked by thieves. Credit card numbers stolen from store purchases. There’s certainly no shortage of examples when it comes to data security breaches and the havoc they wreak on business. No wonder then that nearly a third of CEOs in KPMG’s latest global survey identified cyber security as the issue having the biggest impact on their companies today. Every organization should apply a Cybersecurity Framework for analyzing cyber security, and ideally it should be integrated into an organization’s existing enterprise risk framework. The key is making it part of the mainstream of risk management within an organization. The most innovative companies today have recognized that cyber security is a customer experience and revenue opportunity, not just a risk that needs to be managed. Mr. Edgar Perez will explain why this must be done across the entire organization and why the CEO and Board of Directors have the most important role to play.
  • The challenges of content creation on machine learning steroids
    As reporters and editors around the world gear to face the rise of journalism generated by machines, challenges loom large on the horizon. Content published by news agencies already incorporates automated technology. For example, systems are able to assist reporters in churning out thousands of articles on company earnings reports each reporting period. However, these smart machine learning systems may be challenged by companies that astutely highlight figures or position relevant sentences in an effort to garner a more favorable portrayal than the numbers certainly warrant. Ultimately, machine-generated stories are not infallible. Mr. Edgar Perez will offer his insights on how journalists can rise to the challenge so that their APIs are not taken for a ride by such tactics.
  • Managing the upcoming tsunami of unstructured data with Artificial Intelligence
    The Internet of Things (IoT) explosion will see 75 billion connected devices deployed by 2025. The volumes of data generated will become a tsunami that firms will need to digitalize. Unfortunately, most firms only look at the easy information they can get from structured data while ignoring their unstructured data, which accounts for 90 percent of content generated globally, making unstructured data a tremendous source of untapped value. Artificial Intelligence is making it possible and affordable to sift through and find digital meaning in vast amounts of unstructured data obtained from video, audio, emails, logs, social media posts and IoT devices. All of this data can bring about enormous benefits; Mr. Edgar Perez will show organizations how to reap these benefits today.
  • Trade wars and their impact on financial markets already influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    China and the US are locked in an escalating trade battle. The IMF has said that taxing all trade between these two economies would cause some $455 billion in GDP to evaporate; that would be a loss larger than South Africa’s economy. Financial markets are already wobbling with each new trade-war headline. What will happen if they near future? What are the long-term consequences? Would the trade war increase the likelihood of a “flash crash” in financial markets that are increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence-driven electronic trading systems? Mr. Edgar Perez will discuss the dramatic impact of current and subsequent trade wars for both countries involved and the rest of the world.
  • Social engineering: The “weakest human link” in cybersecurity
    Social engineering involves tricking your employees into breaching security protocols or giving away information. Social engineering exploits human weaknesses rather than technology, preying upon people’s propensity towards trust. Often, these exploits are used to gather information to support a more targeted cyberattack, with the initial forays based on the premise of ‘little and often’ so as not to cause concern. Employees at all levels, including senior executives, are vulnerable. Mr. Edgar Perez will explain why by improving employee awareness and introducing simple technical measures, organizations can improve their protection against social engineering techniques and the risk of a cyberattack.
  • The biggest risk for financial markets
    Regulatory changes and technological evolution have transformed the financial landscape since the advent of the first electronic networks in the early 1970s. Regulators around the world are now in a race to respond to the evolution of technology in financial markets and prevent its operational challenges from becoming the biggest risk for financial markets. However, when considering technology and the cyber landscape, errors are bound to happen. Financial services firms are expected to have deployed the most sophisticated defense systems against cyberattacks. Most of them would realize the need of these investments and honestly attempt to implement them, but their IT departments would soon hit a wall. What would it take to limit the impact of the biggest risk for financial markets?
  • Establishing or improving a cybersecurity program
    The Cybersecurity Framework drafted by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology comprises leading practices from various standards bodies that have proved to be successful when implemented; it also may deliver regulatory and legal advantages that extend well beyond improved cybersecurity for organizations. Its adoption may prove advantageous for businesses across virtually all industries. Mr. Edgar Perez will explain why a proper Cybersecurity Program will build on the analysis of possible areas of concern, an understanding of the firm’s most critical assets, and a thorough review of Information Technology’s policies and procedures when faced with rampant cybercrime.

Testimonials for Edgar Perez

Thank you very much for your participation in Berlin at the European Institute CEO Roundtable. Your presentation was fascinating, a really informative session. The delegates seemed to hang off your every word! We greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us for the event and look forward to working with you again in the near future.
European Institute (United Kingdom)

We were much honored to host you at our annual conference held at our Washington DC headquarters. The Market Abuse Unit investigates large-scale market abuses and complex manipulation schemes by institutional traders, market professionals and others. As such, we were focused on the discussion of these topics in your book The Speed Traders, copies of which we purchased for each of our unit supervisors. We really appreciated your first-hand impressions of the current trading world as well as your thoughts on how trading practices will evolve in the future.
Chief, Market Abuse Unit
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (United States)

I would like to show my appreciation on your willingness to share your insights about cybersecurity. We would certainly have you in mind as we move forward to deal with this very important issue.
Former President
Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Malaysia)

Your presentation was the real highlight of the Emerging Markets Investments Summit. You clearly have the connections in the industry and are very well connected.
BBC News Presenter at The Newsroom
World Business Report and Business Matters (United Kingdom)

Edgar can deliver insightful and compelling presentations to audiences at the highest levels. Thanks to his international entrepreneurial and consulting experience, Edgar can persuasively highlight current developments and critical trends on a variety of business and technology topics, from Artificial Intelligence to Quantum Computing, and from Cybersecurity to Fintech. His programs are undoubtedly lively and unquestionably inspiring. His unique insights, built over decades of rich industry experience, capture the undivided attention of CEOs and top executives.
Senior Manager, Elite Master of Finance
Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University (China)

Your program provides a comprehensive approach for any organization to lead in cybersecurity readiness.
Security Manager
Airport Council International Europe (Belgium)

Thrilled to have your participation at this year’s Global Financial Leadership Conference.
Senior Director
CME Group (United States)

Thank you again for a great event. I hope we have the chance to work together again in the future.
Director of Executive Education
Seminarium (Chile)

Edgar Perez is THE expert on high-frequency trading.
FOX Business News (United States)

Excellent intense masterclass to help me brush up on Deep Learning. From applications and models to optimization and Python code, CNNs, RNNs, etc.
Strategy Executive
BAE Systems, (United Kingdom)

Your presentation absolutely hit the mark and we have had some really great feedback already. We look forward to working with you again soon!
Technology, European Practice Leader
Travelers Insurance Company (United Kingdom)

Edgar absolutely exceeded our expectations. He delivered an amazing review of today’s global geopolitical environment. In a very straightforward and illuminating fashion, Edgar synthesized recent developments and future scenarios for our C-level audience hungering and thirsting for the most practical knowledge about China’s recent policies and strategies.
StartSe (Brazil)

It was such a pleasure to have you participate in our conference. The feedback was great and the information you shared with the audience was invaluable. Once again, thank you for your contribution in making the event a success.
Corporate Events Coordinator
Peters & Co. (Canada)

I have had the pleasure of working with many of the industry’s smartest minds. Edgar ranks among the best speakers I have ever encountered. His keynotes on disruptive technologies have influenced industry leaders attending our forums in many parts of the world. In just one hour, attendees gain a fresh perspective on the major trends that are transforming the world, one qubit at a time.
Managing Director
GLDNAcademy (United States)

Thanks so much for your incredible speech at our forum. It was an excellent presentation. We really look forward to bringing you back in the near future. Thank you again for giving your all!
Enterprise Software Leader
Broadcom (Colombia)

Thank you very much for your strong support of our program at Fudan University. Through a comprehensive review of the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing applied to finance, you have distilled complex and interconnected concepts into unique insights. Our distinguished audience has greatly benefited from your enlightening presentation and the rich discussion you have remarkably inspired. I hope I will have the opportunity to invite you for upcoming exchanges.
Senior Manager, Master of Business Administration in Finance
Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University (China)