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Key Points for Ross Dawson

  • Ross Dawson is one of the most prominent futurists globally, with his work featured by The New York Times, The Times, BBC, Le Monde, Die Welt, El País, Australian Financial Review and many other major media outlets in over 40 countries.
  • He is in strong demand worldwide, having delivered keynotes in 32 countries, ranging from Panama to Portugal to the Philippines and far beyond.
  • He is a favourite speaker of the world’s most sophisticated organisations such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Commonwealth Bank, Dubai Ministry of Finance, Gartner, Google, IBM, KPMG, Macquarie Bank, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, PwC, Roche and Visa.
  • He is a leader of the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ (AICD) Directing Innovation program, frequently works with boards and executive teams of major organisations on innovation and dealing with disruption.
  • He was named as one of the most influential people in the world on topics including the future of work, fintech, crowdfunding, and Enterprise 2.0, and by Digital Media magazine as one of the 40 biggest players in Australia’s digital age.

Topics for Ross Dawson

  • Keeping ahead of accelerating change
    Accelerating technological capabilities including the explosion of data and AI, revolutionary human-machine interfaces and genetic medicine, combined with soaring social and consumer expectations, are transforming many aspects of business including networked value creation and the nature of work. Those who are attuned to these shifts and understand how to build new capabilities and highly dynamic organisations will keep ahead of change and competitors and literally create the future of their industries.  

  • Leadership for the future
    The future does not happen, it is created. Amid the deep challenges of a rapidly changing world are unprecedented opportunities to shape the future of industries and our society. In this world leaders at all levels will help conceive compelling, aligned visions of what is possible and mobilise the energy of teams and communities to enact powerful possibilities. They are able to adeptly balance the opportunities of innovation with the governance of risk and uncertainty, and inspire concerted action. Transformative leaders can design companies and ventures for positive impact, exponential growth and extraordinary value creation today and tomorrow.

  • The world in 2030
    Peek into the future with a thrilling ride through the manifold possibilities and opportunities ahead during the most rapid shifts in human history. Building on the exponential progress of technology over the last decades, new possibilities such as smart dust, deep learning, immersive experience, cognitive augmentation, organic batteries, gene editing and additive manufacturing will transform work, society and indeed humanity. Extraordinary change is a given. It is up to us to focus on the immense positive opportunities ahead for us all, while acknowledging and addressing the challenges of disruptive change. The future is ours to create.

  • Creating the high-performance organisation of tomorrow
    The gap between the best-performing and least-performing organisations is increasing: those that are staying the same in a changing world are being left behind, while those that are adapting to change and seizing emerging opportunities are racing ahead. Traditional organisations are struggling, while high-performance organisations are constantly renewing themselves, shifting to dynamic network structures, drawing on diverse perspectives, building continuous learning and creating flexible, collaborative ways of working that tap the full potential of their employees. The most successful organisations will be those that attract and catalyse collective talent for growth and impact.

  • Success in the network economy: Driving exponential value in a connected world
    In a networked world, the rules of success change. Platforms that create value across ecosystems are at the centre of value creation today, providing the business model for the most successful companies on the planet, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, Atlassian and American Express, established leaders such as Nike, General Electric, Disney and Australia Post, and almost all of today’s successful startups. Strategy in a networked world requires shifting mindset and organisational capabilities to focus on creating value with customers, suppliers and partners. This provides a foundation for exponential growth, building global scale and transforming industries.

  • Humans + Machines: Creating the future of work
    The history of humanity has been one of new technologies destroying and creating jobs. Today global always-on communication and the extraordinary rise of artificial intelligence are transforming the world of work. Rather than looking to replace jobs with AI, leaders must envisage how machines and humans will collaborate in their future organisations, each doing what they do best, and plan the necessary transition. Organisations will need to change substantially, moving away from rigid structures to fluid, flexible, collaborative roles across networked teams. Leaders need to focus on tapping the full potential of employees through a culture of participation, attracting talent and creating organisations in which humans and machines together far outstrip competitors and drive massive value creation.

  • Innovation leadership
    In a global economy driven by speed, intensifying competition and industry disruption, the only remaining sustainable advantage lies in consistent innovation. Networks, both inside and outside the organization, are the keys to successful innovation in products, business processes, and strategy. The world’s leading innovators understand they cannot be self-sufficient in innovation, making them adopt “open innovation” approaches that reach outside to a global world of talent. Directors and executives need to acknowledge the risks of innovation, but even more, the dire risks of not innovating. In the most innovative organisations, everyone plays a leadership role in driving innovation for success.

  • Zen and technology: Being happy and productive in an accelerating world
    We live immersed in technology, using screens and devices for much of our work, play and socialising, and constantly barraged by accelerating change and massive information overload. This can place a real toll on our wellbeing, including our ability to focus and our enjoyment of life. Ross Dawson brings together his role as a world-leading futurist with his background living in a Zen centre in Japan and study of cognitive psychology to share a range of ‘human technologies’ that can assist us, helping us to live fully in the present while being highly productive and effective. This starts from our information habits, applying a few core principles to allow us to thrive on overload and use social media positively. By reclaiming our attention we are in fact far better placed to see change and create the future. Neuroscience has shown that how we use technology literally changes our minds. If we are conscious and deliberate in our use of technology we can make ourselves more productive, healthier, happier and better equipped for a rapidly changing world of work.

  • Creating the future of financial services
    Financial services industries are in the midst of dramatic disruption, driven by changing customer behaviours, the evaporation of trust, open banking, the rapid development of fintech, blockchain and digital currencies, competition from peer-to-peer models, regulatory shifts and industry consolidation. These shifts provide real challenges but also massive opportunities for the sector. The leaders and financial institutions that embrace and drive new approaches will thrive as financial services industries swiftly evolve.

    This keynote can be adapted to a variety of financial services sectors, including banking, broking, financial markets, investment banking, wealth management, financial planning, insurance, reinsurance, private equity and others. 

Testimonials for Ross Dawson

Ross gave a presentation that was smack bang on brief. Absolutely perfect for our event requirements.
National Marketing Manager
Investment Management Firm

Ross's opening keynote was a fantastic kick-off for the conference. Feedback on his presentation was consistently excellent.
Technology Network

Our feedback from Ross Dawson’s is as high as we have experienced. His presentation was visual, entertaining and one of the most innovative and thought-provoking keynote speeches I have heard over many years. His professionalism and experience shined through on every occasion.
Board Member
Global Accounting Network

Ross Dawson delivered an outstanding speech at my CIO Summit. He was visionary, articulate and entertaining. Ross’ insights on the IT world were refreshing and out-of-box. Just having his name alone on the programme was enough to command our potential delegates to attend. He is efficient and a pleasure to work with. I will not hesitate to recommend him.
Conference Director
Professional Conference Organiser

BIG thanks for your really interesting and informative session today. We had great feedback with many members telling us how much they had enjoyed it (myself included).
HR Association

The feedback I have received from your presentation has been extremely positive and valuable to all who attended this year.
Managing Director
Financial Planning Network

Ross did an excellent job. He interpreted the brief very well and facilitated the workshop in a very professional way. I am sure we will have the opportunity to use his services again.
Head of Treasury and Capital Markets
Investment Bank

Ross Dawson gave us a fabulous session at our partner offsite. There was great feedback from the partner group.
Managing Partner
Law Firm

Thank you again for speaking and being part of our recent Mindshop Australasian Conference in Melbourne. We had some terrific feedback to your session which certainly opened people’s eyes to the ‘opportunities’ available to them through future technologies and also what changes people will have to make to their existing business models / networks.
Managing Director

I’d like to thank you for presenting at our Partner Offsite this week. Your session was fantastic, incredibly thought provoking and extremely well received by the team. It was exactly what we were looking for – and gave us a lot to contemplate as we think about our strategy in the sector.
Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications
KPMG Australia

Ross's opening keynote was a fantastic kick-off for the conference. His twin themes of the importance of networking and emerging technology trends set the scene for an great event. Feedback on his presentation was consistently excellent.
ANZA Technology Network

Ross Dawson is an engaging speaker with the ability to get people thinking beyond tomorrow. He spells out what it will take for businesses to succeed in the knowledge-based economy of the future, providing a practical framework that audiences from any services industry can understand.
Managing Editor
Online Banking Review

Ross Dawson is a very dynamic speaker who presents his ideas in an exciting and interactive manner. His presentations engage the audience and enable a dialogue for true interaction between all parties. I would highly recommend Ross as a speaker for any event or conference.
Business Development Institute

Ross spoke at a senior management team offsite themed about partnership models. His presentation stimulated our thinking on several levels. It challenged our preconceptions about the value of information, the adoption and adaptation of new technologies, the shifts in client relationships and the networked economy. His thoughts on leadership and communication were extremely valuable in promoting a lively discussion. Ross is an innovative thinker and has a practical and engaging approach to presenting his ideas and knowledge. His contribution to our offsite was one of the keys to making it such a success.
Chief Operating Officer Services
ABN Amro Australia

Ross Dawson is a very professional, well prepared speaker with a lot of well researched and very well presented material. He evinces a positive response from a wide range of participants.

Ross provided an extremely insightful presentation at the ADERANT client conference - particularly in terms of the global trends and issues in the professional services market, and how local firms can position themselves to turn these into a strategic advantage.
Vice President
Asia Pacific Sales, Aderant

Ross Dawson has achieved a remarkable synthesis of concepts that powerfully capture the zeitgeist of today's business environment. Executives should heed his words, to clarify their role in shaping the emerging living global network of business.
Conference Co-Chairman
IBM Symposium on the Coevolution of Business-Technology Innovation